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  Uhmmm, I'm really sorry I've been super neglectful of my deviantart account lately. It kind of just naturally fell apart after I got a tumblr account and stopped writing fanfiction. I'm more active on tumblr, but I usually just uh... kind of post random crap and occasionally reblog pretty pictures related to zelda and scenery and... I guess anything else that makes me giggle while scrolling through the dash (honestly don't know how to use tumblr, really haha). 

Regarding the bit about how I stopped writing fanfiction: I'd been super duper SUPER convinced that I would retire, go to some cozy little cabin somewhere and actually have a life. This was about half a year ago. 
Guess who ended up getting dragged back to the world of fanfic writing? 


So, yeah. New story. I was struck with a bit of inspiration in my 6 months of not writing any fanfiction, and now I can't leave it alone. I've gone back to my roots to write a true gen fic, rather than romance, in the spirit of my older stories like AI and Rend. It'll feature Vaati (ANYONE SURPRISED YET), Sheik, Shadow Link, Impa, and Dethl. Please check it out if you're interested. 

Again, I'm really sorry I haven't been updating/uploading as much as I used to. 
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Life happens. ^^ It's hard to keep up with everything sometimes, and every year just seems to get busier. Glad to see you over at tumblr every now and then, though! 

hahaha!~ I saw that note! Well, who knows? This might be a good way to stay in practice? Every now and then I get bored with original stuff and have no inspiration, and ff starts to look very appealing. Better to keep writing than to stop for lack of inspiration or ideas for one project. Or are you working on both at the same time? haha, you are going to be spread thin! But if you don't finish it, oh well. It's all just for fun. :) 
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Haha yeah seriously! I still miss those days when I was super active (idk how I did it really...) and there were more people around. 

Lol I guess so. I hate to say it, but with the new fanfic I've definitely spread myself thin and I'm having trouble writing both fanfic chapters and original story chapters. I'm having a lot of fun though! I kind of wish I had my tablet with me (travelling) so I can draw stuff too :)
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You can take the writer out of fanfiction, but you can never take the fanfiction out of the writer. XD I KNOW THE FEEL.

Weeeeeh, I can't wait to and read it~
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I was naive to think otherwise. x_x

Now that I'm back after a bit of a break, it's actually pretty fun again? Like I had fun before, but it's been a while since I've had the urge to write 3 chapters in a row, 3 days straight. 
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PERHAPS, some people somehow do manage to get themselves out of writing fanfics! I don't know how they do it. XD

I wish I still had that kind of inspiration, and lawd knows I took a break about a year long. WHOOPS. I can definitely tell you're having fun with it, though! I really love how it's coming along~
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Hopefully you find it again! Maybe with ninjas, since they're your new obsession? :P
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*grins wickedly*

Welcome back.
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That's okay, it's good to hear from you :3 How have things been?
I'll be able to read the FF soon, I have had uni (In final year) and my own story to contend with ^-^'
Happy New Year! :dance:
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Things have been crazy! Well... I guess it's always been a little crazy so I should be used to it by now haha. 
Not much new, just work and writing and playing video games :P Today is New Years so it'll be a whole lot of me-time :D

Ohhh that's exciting! What are you studying? 

And thank you, Happy New Year!
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But you are coping with it right?

Cool I'm hardly playing now a days ^-^' Instead I've either been writing or doing uni work during this holiday. I think I had a story bug haha however now that I've started book 3 I've not started to get a writers block and I'm stuck on how to deal with it.
That's good I hope you will enjoy that day a lot :3
BA Digital arts (Hons) I am doing 3 projects at once and I've gotten swamped from time to time, especially with my Double project. What about you? Are you studying or working?
Thank you :)
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Haha yeah I'm doing well!

That sounds similar to the situation I'm in (writing and uni work). Wish you luck with yours!
And yay for story bugs! It's a lot of fun once you really get into it :) But oh no I hope you figure out what to do with the writers block (I found that listening to different kinds of music helps?)
Nice! That sounds like a really fun major :D I kind of wish I knew more digital art for all the little tricks
I'm currently studying for a doctorate, and my field is in human memory and decision making. I'll be in school for quite a while longer haha ^^;
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That's good to hear :)

Thank you :)
I'm in my final years which is leaving me at a state of panic since I had a swap of the teachers but I do hope to do well. How is your studies and writing coming along?
It is and it leaves me buzzing me with new ideas XD
Yeah that usually helps but at times it doesn't since I can't get into some parts leaving me slightly annoyed.

You do make good art though :) 
That sounds really interesting and cool! I hope you will be able to succeed!
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Oh jeeze yeah that sounds stressful! 
It's coming along, I'm juggling at least 4 different projects at once along with my dissertation so it's quite a lot of work, but that also means lots of progress :)

Thanks, you too! :D
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Yup, the head though did pay us a visit on monday for what can be done while at the same time hears our views on what's been going on. It won't be resolved so easily though -_-'
That is a lot. Sadly with the assignments it's three but there's muliple projects and in a limited time period. Do you have to stuff like that?

Thank you that means a lot ^v^
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Yeahhhhh I do have several projects with a similar deadline, coming up in the next few months. I always tell myself that once I pass the deadline I'll be free. It usually just means that I'll get different projects after that.... lol
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To be honest, I never knew you left, but I'm glad you're back.
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Haha well, I tried not to 'leave' the site (like deviantart, tumblr etc.) but after finishing my last story, FaV, I'd announced in the last chapter there that I was going to stop writing (I think I forgot to make the same post on deviantart whoopsidoodles). 

I'm probably still not going to be as active here as I am on maybe tumblr (not that I'm very active over there either), but I guess uh... I'm back? 

It was nice to hear from you though!!! Happy 2016 :D
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Hey, as long as you're active, I don't care how long it'll take you to draw, post, etc. In the meantime, I got Omega Ruby and I am currently trying to catch Regigigas, and I don't feel like going to Shoal Cave to get the Never Melt Ice, so I'm just getting the Snowball in the Battle Resort, and I'm STILL waiting on Cresscelia. Having a Legendary spawn at random is so stupid, and wastes time. >.<
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Omega Ruby! I played Sapphire myself (I've been trading pokemon I've had since the original R/S, and I played Ruby back in the day). I LOVE it, especially the final episode after you beat the elite four. 
I actually haven't tried catching Regigigas in Alpha Sapphire since I already had one from R/S: what did you have to do to get him? 
And oh jeeze Cresselia was a nightmare to get. It'll appear eventually (it did take a stupidly long time for me though....). I don't know if I hated Cress random spawn or the moving legendaries more. 
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To get Regigigas, you need the three golems, and Regice has to be nicknamed and has to be holding an ice related item. You take the three to where you caught Regice and it will appear. If you have one from a previous installment, I'm pretty sure you have to battle Regice before it can appear. Also, how can you have a Regigigas in R/S? It's a gen 4 pokemon. I also got Cresselia in the time it took for you to reply. (I know you were most likely busy) Having online makes it so much easier to get, but I hate roaming legends more.
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Oh! Then I must have got it in gen 4 (I'm losing track of where I got stuff because I kept dragging my old team from R/S into whatever new installment I purchased: I think you could get gigas by having all 3 in from R/S in one of the games?)
And hurray! The one thing I liked about the legendaries in Alpha/Omega was that they had perfect IVs for 2 stats so you knew they were going to be somewhat decent. 
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That, I didn't know. (The two perfect Iv thing) And, I don't know why, but I feel like battling you. Before you say anything, I know that you need to be online and have to have each other's friend codes.
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