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Hi everyone!

I wasn't really sure if I should make this an announcement yet, but seeing as I've been way more active on tumblr than here, and I've been posting more art on tumblr than here, I thought now would be an appropriate time to let people know. 

I'll be on tumblr for posting the majority of my art. The reason for the move is because tumblr is just so much easier to post things (especially if I want to submit something that I scribbled on my phone). I also feel less bad when I submit random chicken scratches instead of drawings with more than 30 minutes of effort on tumblr than on deviantart. 

My tumblr link is thewishingcap.tumblr.com/

I DO post a lot of other random crap along with my art, so if you just want to see my drawings, just go to this link: 


and click on "fleets sketches" as I tag all of my art as such. If you're looking for a drawing related to a particular story I'm writing, I'll have an appropriate tag for the story as well (for example, all Demonbound Sheikah drawings are under thewishingcap.tumblr.com/tagge… ) :)

My apologies to those who preferred deviantart over tumblr. I might drop some sketches I've been submitting on tumblr to here (maybe... if I'm not feeling lazy) but for the most part I'm not going to be very active anymore over here (feel free to continue messaging me through this platform though! I'm not going to completely drop deviantart - though it might take a little longer for me to see your messages). 
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I am following you on Tumblr now!
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*instantly becomes Vaasheik shipper* Why did you do this to me?!?! xD I want to read all your stories now! lol
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Bleh, I've been avoiding Tumblr because I'm way way behind on several blogs I follow.
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they both have their advantages and disadvantages, that's for sure.