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Year of the Dragon: Reversal group

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Onox: "Bitch, please, it's the Year of the Dragon. This is my year, little bug!"
And so Onox steals Vaati's trophy princess away from him, and Vaati becomes very very pissed.

Haha, okay, so that's not exactly what happened, but if you want to see what really happened in this confrontation of two villains you guys should check out the orginal by :iconreily96: (Reversal [link]). I just wanted to draw a huge dragon for 2012's Year of the Dragon along with Vaati and Zelda, and Reily's story just happens to feature all three XD
It's a really fun story, too :)

Reversal (c) :iconreily96:
Legend of Zelda characters (c) Nintendo
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Vaati does not look pleased...
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Onox is about to have a bad day XD
theohsowindmagevaati's avatar
Well he does not look angry. But who am I to say he is not angry. Haha
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Haha maybe more like "extremely annoyed" moving on very quickly into "extremely angry" XD
theohsowindmagevaati's avatar
Haha who is that girl btw is she zelda?
fleetfleets's avatar
Yup! It's a scene based off of Reily96's VaaZel story Reversal :)
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CatriamFlockentanz's avatar
Oh Onox bad BAD idea...
Chibi-lemon-pop's avatar
fucking love love love this fanfiction
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KazenoHana12's avatar
Hurray for dragons kidnapping princesses lol (gets shot three times) ahh, I have my own prince of dragons....such a dick to his miad though ~
X-Obsession's avatar
This is so awesome! Um... Onox I think Vaati is going to kick your butt...
fleetfleets's avatar
Er, yeah... I don't think Onox really knows who he's taunting >_>
SweeneysVendetta's avatar
o___o Fleets.

You forgot Vaati's scar.
fleetfleets's avatar
Whoopsies! I usually draw that at the beginning but I completely forgot!
Vaatialmighty1118's avatar
Vaati and Onox huh? Hehe awesome. I can imagine though neither one will team up for that long.
fleetfleets's avatar
Ohhhhh definitely no. Teaming up is out of question (unless Reily changes something, but I really doubt it)
Vaatialmighty1118's avatar
Well yeah, the two of them are completely different. And no offense to Onox though he is a good villain on his own, but mess with Vaati... and you have no idea what big of a mistake you can made. I guarantee that Vaati will have his vengence soon:)
Reily96's avatar
Oh, there's no team up at all, actually. :iconhurrplz:
Vaatialmighty1118's avatar
Well yeah. That's my point, they'd kill eachother.
iluvdarklinkandvaati's avatar
Ah it's so nice! I think your art is improving this looks so cool. I really like the Vaati close up ^.^
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Thanks so much, that means a lot! :)
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