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VaatixZelda sketch dump

By fleetfleets
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Still trying to figure out Zelda's voice (for this story here: www.fanfiction.net/s/8012454/1…, so I did yet another mini drawing exercise :3
You know how they say couples eventually start to turn into each other? If you were wondering why Zelda looks pretty evil in some of the panels then... well that's why :P
But don't get too excited because I don't know if any of these are real for me yet

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I love the bottom right
Vaati: put that down
Zelda: apologize
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Vaati: Put that down.
Zelda: Apologize.
Ah ha ha ha, that's the best part! And this makes me want to read/see more VaaZel, even though I was never a big fan of that pairing. This just makes me like the pairing now!
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Join the shipppp

Haha well in all honesty I didn't always like this ship and I actually thought it made no sense, but then it started growing on me and well, here we are XD

I think it can be pretty cute with a little effort and some story telling :3
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I can do Zelda's voice
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Awweh xD they are really cute together
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thank you! and yush this pairing rocks :D
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No problem, and hehe that's true :3
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Oh my gosh I love this! :love: They're so adorable!

(I saw this on the internet a while ago, it's actually what really started to get me to like this pairing! :D )

:XD: My favorite's got to be the bottom right picture!

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Thank you! I first started to get into the pairing after reading some of :iconreily96:'s works on ff.net, and I used to hate this pairing but now I'm obviously a fan lol
Not sure what happened, but I'm not complaining XD

And yesssss I contributed to increasing the ship membership muahahahaa :iconmuahahaplz:
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And now I'm going to go get my friends into it! :XD: You've started something!
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Yesssss we want more VaaZelders XD
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"Apologize" XXDD
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Don't like how Zelda's turned out...No, I disagree! But Vaati looks awesomeI am a dummy! 
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Haha yeahhh she picked up some bad habits after being around him for too long...
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Imagine now, if all of Hyrule saw the monsters bowing down to ZELDA...

I can't even begin to imagine how they would react.
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Hmm, I would guess really scared and some people would hate the royalty for a while and accuse them for being witches or something, but no one would do anything about it cause

no one messes with Zelda with monsters :>
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*rolls around* I love this so much.
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Thank yeee *rolls around*
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Hi Zelda! Thank you :D
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((Heehee...Everything about this is just...yes. XD))
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lol! I love the part where she points the bow and arrow at him and he says "put it down" after she tells him to appologise!
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