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Rend: part 53 Curtain Call

By fleetfleets
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(allowing downloads this time :) in fact, download is suggested because it's a huge deviation)

Chapter will be up shortly EDIT: THERE [link]

Well, it is done. I really can't believe it, and I have to say thank you so much to everyone who's given me support these past two years, and more! This chapter was bittersweet, and I didn't really want to end on a completely sorry note (even though I initially had plans to make a poignant cover with Link standing all by himself on an empty hill...).

There were quite a few casualties in this story, and a part of me wants to think that, even though they were enemies in the story, they could be buddies 'off stage' like good actors are. Like I can see Helmaroc and Valoo being like drinking buddies :P

Anyways, they're all hanging out at the Palace of Winds where the whole story started. From left to right we have:

Argorok, Fire Wizzrobe, Likey, Blubble, Rubble, Linebeck, Niko, Helmaroc, Thistle, Vaati, Valoo, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Opal, Medli, Ooccoo, Ooccoo Jr., The Gossip Cuccos, and Dethl.

Once again, thank you everyone so much! I hope you like this very last cover, and you'll see me again when I get going with Occult Ascendancy with Vaati, Dark, and Thistle!
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ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
You my friend have put all my favorite Loz Characters in one whole picture.... I LOVE THIS *bows*
fleetfleets's avatar
Thank you :D
This deviation had a lot of significance for me because it marked the end of a huuuuge fanfic I'd been working on 
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
Well of course ^w^ do you know :iconlordsiravant:'s Fanfic? I'm doing a comic adaption of it. Seeing these pictures of your fanfiction push me to do just as good as you to be honest :3 
fleetfleets's avatar
I know Siravant from way back! He's great :)
I'm unfortunately not part of the pony fandom ^^;; and I also haven't been able to put time into reading fics these past few years D: but it seems like he's doing really well :D I remember back in the day when he'd just started :3
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
As my dad would say "He was such a quiet boy -w- " xD still i will read your story too 
lordsiravant's avatar
Have you read the story that this was based off of? If there's anything that could convince you to, it's this; this girl is the whole reason I became a Vaati fan.
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
O.o I will read it i just need to find the time to do so. 
lordsiravant's avatar
You'll need quite a bit of it, cuz Rend is pretty darn long. But it's damn good. All her stories are. Oh, and she's also the one who got me into Dethl too.
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
Same with yours xD but i shall read it all
lordsiravant's avatar
Then you should read her other ones afterwards, particularly When I Return and its sequel.
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
But of course any fic with Vaati in it is sure to be awesome :3 
DekuBecu's avatar
Gannandorf looks priceless! XD
silverelflover1101's avatar
I have a need to say I was in the sea of feels when I finished this story. Man, it was so good..... T___T
Now as I see this... Opal and Helmaroc gives me a well of so much happy feeling inside I don't know why~  This whole art piece just gives me that good vibe.... I'll love this a lot, especially if I ever in need of something to boost me up when I'm feeling down.

GREAT!!!! 8D :icontableflipplz: ... That is the table flip of my insane happiness.
fleetfleets's avatar
Awww thank you so much! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I hear people are still reading this story! :D
Hahaha well when I first wrote it I was kind of left with mostly sad feelings, and that... well that was okay, but it wasn't super fun for me D:
So I just had to make a happy-ish ending picture to end it on a good note :3

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THANK YOUUU
EverStarcatcher's avatar
It's so beautifulRainbow La -plz account- 
superjaegar-aviator's avatar
I love how you resolved it all! so happeh :iconimcryingsomuchplz:
fleetfleets's avatar
Awwww thank you so much! <3
Big hugs!
superjaegar-aviator's avatar
*hugs a million times*
MrGrumpyGrape's avatar
Vaati is smiling...and it isn't a smirk...
I think the world just broke

But in all seriousness amazing final cover for and amazing story.
Medli!Ahh you drew her so pretty. ;w;
She has always been my favorite female character from WW,other then Tetra. XD
Vaati is so freaking tiny,it's adorable<3
God,you and your amazing dragons.How do you draw them so perfect?
You are an amazing writer and artist.I never thought that combination could be possible.Maybe its just me. XD
I look foward to more amazing arts and story from you fleets.
fleetfleets's avatar
Ahhhh thank you so much!!!! I'm glad you liked the story (and the art!)!
Haha naw, no one's ever seen a dragon, so to me all dragons of all interpretations are legit perfect ;)
And yay! I was kind of going for the "d'aww, cute" factor here :3
MrGrumpyGrape's avatar
You're very welcome!!
That's true,but I've drawn one and its was super cartoonish,your are realistic and really neat.
torakoh's avatar
An incredibly awesome last cover for an incredibly awesome story!
You have no idea how much I'll miss it. Be prepared for fanart!
fleetfleets's avatar
Thank you so much!
And ahhhhh if you do it definitely tell me! <3
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