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Rend: Part 39 Cover

By fleetfleets
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Chapter is up: [link]

Short chapter. Too tired. Don't feel like answering anybody right now because they'll be half-assed answers and you guys deserve more than half-assed answers. I know I haven't answered a ton of messages/deviations/comments/etc >_>;;;;;;;;;;

Good night X_x

Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo
Rend storyline and Thistle concept belongs to me~
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The Like Like is my fav character XD
tie-dye-flag's avatar
Look out, it's a Like-Like! LOL
Wait a minute...where's Linebeck's mustache? Did Likey eat it?
fleetfleets's avatar
OH SNAP I completely forgot. Good catch! (Likey probably ate it tho XD)
tie-dye-flag's avatar
Hopefully it'll grow back by the next chapter!:rofl:
SilverEyeShinobi's avatar
iluvdarklinkandvaati's avatar
I want a Thistle plushie.....but I wouldn't have any money to buy it haha.
DarkMage2256's avatar
Awesome!! Lol Likey is back and badder than ever XD
Hey there captain Thistle how was your search coming along? :D
Hey Fleets long time no see, how are you doing? :)
PTDuckie's avatar
The like like XD
hypergirlnirani's avatar
Lol, Linebeck and Like-Like... At least it isn't a Rupee Like-Like! XD Thistle looks amazing here.
Mirria1's avatar
OMG! its a likelike, run away! XD
Sapphiet's avatar
LOLZ! :giggle: while Thistle is looking up (plotting?) poor Linebeck gets the LikeLike hugging him. Even though it eats sheilds, now I'm worried that it may eat him! :)
HyruleHy's avatar
Likey <3 I kinda want a pet Like-Like now....
fleetfleets's avatar
Like-Likes. Probably one of the worst pets ever conceived.
I want one too XD
HyruleHy's avatar
Well if I can't manage to get one...I'll just get a pet Poe....or Tektite...owo
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