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OA reunion

By fleetfleets
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A fun little throwback to the OA cast. I took a quick break to draw this little doodle!
The cast of OA had a small reunion that turned into a 2v2 Mario Kart Double Dash game night. This game will absolutely test your patience and teamwork, and Hawk-Dark are absolutely crushing Vaati-Dugal. Thistle's aggravating the arguing from behind the couch. 

I'm sorry I haven't really been that active on deviantart! I'm more active on my tumblr these days since I can look at it via mobile more easily. 
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Man I missed these guys.
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Haha same! Long time no see, I hope life's treating you well!
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Long time no se T v T <333 !! I remember reading your Vaati comics 4 years ago omf and I was so in love T v T 

Ahaha not really, I'm stressed af from internship work and commissions, but I'm managing T v T You? ovo
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I hope the stress has lessened since I last messaged you!
(sry I'm mostly derping on tumblr now...)

I've been a little stressed with school and work stuff this past month but hopefully with the holidays it'll get better! I also got an xboxone be my computer broke (totally logical I know)
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Nope, still stressed haha ;v; A lot of university projects and finals are not helping xD

I hope things get better for you soon! ;A; Also congrats on the Xbox xD
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Happy (early) new year! I just visited your page for the first time since forever and wow you improved so much!!! I really like those bird-like critters (Moris?) they're so adorable!

Haha yeah I ended up hiding the xbox from myself because I have so much stuff I should be doing XD
Pepperoonie's avatar
To you too haha!!

OMG thank you ;A; ?? That means a lot, considering you were one of my idols when I was 14 haha ;;

Eep yeah! One of my bird babies is named Moriss :'D thank you!

OMG-- HAHA oh no D: I wish you luck!!
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Awesome! Love seeing the group together again!
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Thanks, this was really fun to draw :D
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Oh, my goodness! I'm so glad to see you posting again! This looks wonderful <3 
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Yeah I've been pretty bad about posting lately (and when I'm lazy I just post random things on tumblr instead -_-;; ) 
Thanks! Nice to hear from you too :D
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Cool you do Tumblr as well?

That pic is awesome and funny :) 
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I'm not a super active tumblr user, but lately I've been using it more than deviantart (it's easier to post things and I don't get weird ads like on deviantart). 

Thanks! :D
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Yeah I hate that when it happens, just ways of people to get money
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So awesome!! >_<
Vaati-Dugal teamwork? Pffffff hahahahahahaha XD
Now imagine if they brought Mario Karts to life. All rules still apply only.....LOZ style. *runs and hides*
Bates is Dark-Hawk mascot....that's why they're winning *nods*

Long time no see ^_^
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Ok wow yeah if they did real life Mario Kart I think they'll have some serious property damage to deal with after the fact haha
Haha this is true, Bates is pretty great. Vaati and Dugal do have a terrible "mascot" though, and its name is Thistle and he's being awful XD

Long time no see indeed!
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This is hilarious actually, with Thistle still being a troll, Vaati still being a sore loser and I see you Bates...

By the way, I actually drew Thistle during my free time. Is it okay with you if I upload that picture?
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Haha yeah I definitely miss these guys, and this was super fun to draw :D

Of course! I love fanart and I definitely don't mind if you upload it! (I'd love to see it in fact :D )
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The picture of Thistle that I mentioned is up now. Please tell me what you think of it.
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This is awesome! Love the artwork! Love the story! I have to say, your writing made me even more of a Vaati fan then before. Keep up the good work! I'm working my way through 'When I Return' right now. 

Thanks for giving me a way to kill my summer vacation! Pusheen Icon 2 
fleetfleets's avatar
Ahhh thank you so much! And we can't have enough Vaati fans :P
I do miss working on this story. I'm so happy to hear that you liked it!

Thank you so much for such a nice message! :D <3
Harmony-Beats's avatar
Your Quite Welcome. Your right, the Vaati fan club isn't big enough.CURSE YOU! 

This world needs more kind messages, so I thought I'd be one to help spread some around.Hug 
Keep doing your best! I know your able to make my day, so I bet you make others days as well!
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