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More Random concept doodles for FaV

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Title says it all. Here's another character, a wizzrobe chemist who goes by the name DesPonte. 
For those of you who followed OA and/or Rend, the fact that I'm naming him should give away a fact about him since wizzrobes aren't supposed to go by names in the story world I wrote. 

I know what you're thinking by now: "another wizzrobe and he's a renegade like Thistle? Damn so uncreative D: "
All I can answer to that is... I'll try to keep it different. My reasoning behind his inclusion was that I implied Vaati had encountered more renegades before he met Thistle in Rend, so DesPonte is one of them. Whether or not he's a protag or antag, I'll keep that to myself for now :3

I doodled Thistle in there too for the contrast. DesPonte wears more of a plague doctor mask whereas Thistle's is more masqueradey. Thistle is cheerful, DesPonte is kind of gloomy. Thistle likes abstracts and fantasy and speaking of pretends, but DesPonte is more literal and is very serious about what he does. The chemist is klutzy sometimes and causes exploding beakers, but whenever that happens he scratches his head and starts a new reaction with a shrug and a sigh. One of the most apathetic characters I have so far, actually. He also only has three fingers on his left hand. 

Similar to Thistle in the sense that he doesn't really care much about the big monster vs. Hylian conflict. 

Oh I almost forgot! He has a happy face button. It was inspired by one of Thistle's comments in Rend when he was talking about wanting a pretty button. DesPonte got that happy face button from who knows where, but it makes up for his lack of laughter. 

Also Manhandla because Manhandla. Four headed plant win win. 

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Hey fleets I've read like all of your stories I love rend. And how dare yu make me cry in recollections. But anyway I love the new wizzrobe but thistle will remain my fav wizzrobe.
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Oh uh... right. Recollections. (I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that <_< ) 
I'm glad you liked Rend though! That was probably my biggest project ever. 
Haha same, I don't think any wizzrobe will ever take Thistle's place :D I like DesPonte and the role I have for him, but he won't be taking the lime light like Thistle did.
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Oh and fleets if you could check out my stories. You don't have to but im new and just started yesterday on ff.net im thebeautifulvaati. Id love some tips from a good writer like you.
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Aahhh I can't promise that I'll get around to it, since I already have a few people's stories I said I would get to but haven't gotten around to yet...
I do have some general tips though, most of them are in one of my deviations here fleetfleets.deviantart.com/art…
A few other writing musts that I usually try to follow is to be thorough with grammar and spelling checks (as this tends to be the first thing that throws people off from reading a story) and to really enjoy the story for yourself! I think a big mistake some people make when they first start writing is they forget to write for themselves: if we don't write for ourselves, then at some point we're going to stop enjoying writing :(
Also reading other stories REALLY helps. I drew a lot of inspiration from Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series, and Harry Potter because those were my favorite stories when I first started writing :) I tried to think about the things I really loved about their stories, and tried to emulate it in my own stories. I'm not perfect yet, but those are the things that really helped me when I first started writing :D

(feel free to message me anytime! I'm not very... erm... prompt with my replies, but I try to get back to messages when I can :) )
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Thank you. you have inspired me to get an ff.net account. I am reading occult ascendancy for the first time. I will admit that I have not read all of your stories but I am working on it.
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He looks more casual and down-to-earth kind of. But that may just be me ^^

Kind of reminds me of a Plague Doctor... BUT AGAIN!!! That's probably just me.
fleetfleets's avatar
Not sure about down-to-earth, but you got the rest of it pretty down pat! He's Plague Doctor-esque, and actually that part becomes relevant in the story (kind of?) :3
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Well that's nice to know that we'll see more of him.

I've always had a strange liking to Plague Doctor's (DAT BEAK!) and always thought some sort of Wizzrobe OC with a Toxic/Poison method of attack could work wonders into the Universe. But that's just me.
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Oh, is that a serious Wizzrobe I see????????
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Amazingly yes XD
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I like this character :D
Long time no see (sorry I haven't been on FF, school is the plague around here). How's it been?
Hehehe I wonder if this character will upstage good ol' Thistle. Probably not. XD
Thistle's evil brother/yin/polar opposite in a way :P wait does that mean he has a little friend hanging around him too? Like Thyme......
fleetfleets's avatar
Long time no see indeed! Haha same school dumpstered me with the essays that never end XD
Upstage? Thistle? Not sure if that's possible anymore considering he starred in two stories, one of which he was a main villain, and received a cameo in another one. DesPonte is quite the opposite to Thistle! I hope people don't compare them too much since they're vastly different from each other :)
DarkMage2256's avatar
Ahh wow that sucks (essays are annoying indeed)
heheh yeah I kinda figured Thistle and DesPonte were opposites like Yin and Yang.
XD Thistle was indeed an interesting villain. :D
Yeah let's hope the two aren't compared too much because you did clearly say they are different. (My brain is mush at the moment DX )
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DesPonte! What a name...love it! XD
And I can really see the contrast as well...it'd be very interesting if they met. 
And of course, Manhandla is awesome ;)
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I was actually considering that, since I've already made it clear that they exist in the same time/world. There's a possibility that they can meet. May or may not include it for fun, who knows? :D
Cortex-Aire's avatar
Well, whatever you think is best! ^^ It would certainly work as a humour element IMO!
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... *makes herself look presentable and puts on best charm face*


In all seriousness, love your take on wizzrobes, so it makes me very happy to see another. Even more exciting since he's all plague doctory~

fleetfleets's avatar
DesPonte says hi. He also asks if you have any money. XD 
Without spoiling too much, I forgot to mention that he's trying to alchemize rupees from common objects, another difference from Thistle who doesn't care about money at all. YEP PLAGUE DOCTOR. There's a reason why I picked that design, thought he reason behind it is kind of stupid >_>

Aw thankies. My take on wizzrobes kind of evolved out of control at some point - I never really thought I'd spend so much time thinking about them as characters (as opposed to mere filler).

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SIR, I AM A COSPLAYER. So no, I have no money. As such, I'm fairly certain he will begin to shun me now. ;A; Stupid reason or not, I love that he is based off of a plague doctor. THEY'RE SO EFFIN COOL.

I'm just amazed at how you write monster society as a whole while managing to keep it to exactly what happens in the game. IT FASCINATES ME. Wizzrobes you really went all out and developed, though, which is just even more amazing. I DONT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.

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DesPonte is flattered that you like how he looks, but is mildly disappointed that you have no money. I also explained you probably don't have any rupees, and neither do most people here, and he's less disappointed.
Haha he probably won't shun you. Without revealing too much, he's interested in money way more than Thistle ever was, but for reasons that are slightly different than why normal people would be interested in money. He might be more serious but he's still pretty random in true fleetian wizzrobe fashion XD

do you ever get that feeling when you're rereading some of your old stuff and you can only think that someone else wrote it or that you were smarter in the past than you were now? me and wizzrobe society i have no clue what happened i DON'T KNOW HOW I DO/DID IT EITHER

Reily96's avatar
UGH I'm even more interesting in what's making this guy tick now. SO INTERESTED.

Oh yeah, I look back at some of my stuff and the way I wrote it and I'm like "Wut. How to write. When happen this?" XD Oh dear.

WORKING ON IT. Consider DesPonte on my list of future cosplays. XD He'll be sometime in 2015, likely. BUT HE WILL BE DONE.
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XD I want the plant for some reason!

 I really like this guys design.

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I'd want one too if it didn't drool all over the place XD
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