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How did you do it?

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"Princess Zelda, there is something I've wanted to ask you, if you don't mind terribly."

Zelda looked up from her agenda she was reading, and noticed an ice wizzrobe wringing his hands behind her. She wondered if she'd seen this wizzrobe before; they all looked the same, and the only distinguishing aspect was often their subtle individual mannerisms. At the same time, this one seemed somewhat familiar, and she had a feeling they might have met during her visit to the wizzrobe mansion with Vaati a few months back. "Yes?"

"How did you do it?"

The question confused her. "Do what?"

The wizzrobe waved his arms excitedly, "It!" he cried, "How did you, a Hylian, a creature that is regarded as lesser than even the lowliest of us, gain the acknowledgement of the great Masters of our kind? It's quite unprecedented and it shouldn't be possible, and yet even the Helmaroc King bows to you." 

Zelda laughed. "I'm not exactly sure," she replied honestly. "You would know better than I. Why do you listen to someone like me?"

The ice wizzrobe scratched his head, and then stood thoughtfully for some time. After a while, he looked up, his eyes brightening behind his colorful mask. "I see. You defeated a being you should not have been able to defeat. You rewrote the hierarchy."

"Honestly I've never really understood it well myself," Zelda shook her head with a smile, and she went back to going over her agenda. 

Behind her, the wizzrobe was still mumbling excitedly to himself. Zelda thought nothing of it; she'd found most wizzrobes talked to themselves when they were excited. "I see, I see," the wizzrobe muttered, nodding his head from time to time, "nothing is preordained. We are not as trapped as we were led to believe, kehahaha!"


I had this fun idea while I was writing FaV, that the one who first inspired Thistle to go on a rampage in Rend was none other than FS Zelda from WIR and FaV. I know the timeline would be kind of messed up, since I don't know how I would manage to make a sensible connection from FaV to Rend, but let's just ignore that fact for now so this fun irony can work out *shot*

I mean, if I just call everything "the Legend of -" then I can just give a weak disclaimer that the facts in the story are not entirely accurate amirite??!?!

...ok whatever. Either way Thistle is all FS Zelda's fault. Yeah. 
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I have a headcanon that identifies the Wizzrobes (Tachi'tamaho being their real racial name) as the ones who taught the arcane ways to the Hylians. Therefore, some of them might not serve Ganondorf and might even be good. They would be part of a group called the Order of Arcane Enlightenment.
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Awww, thank you! I'm sorry it's taken this long to respond, but this message made my day! :D
I initially didn't like VaaZel too much before because I never paid attention to Zelda as a character, but after some thought the pair really grew on me :) I completely agree!
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I love the theory that Thistle is all FS Zelda's fault. Omigosh this picture is amazing, I don't know why, but it's simplicity and detail at the same time just makes it one of my favorites, I especially like your colour scheme and the backround as well! :D 
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It makes me really happy inside when I can think of ways to connect everything I've written into one gigantic narrative, so I really wanted Thistle to be FS Zelda's fault. Of course that leaves the problem of Vaati being already somewhat reformed before the events of Rend, so unless he went through some (probably-tragic) memory wipe himself and I change the ending of FaV completely, Rend is going to make little sense T_T
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Really gorgeous, well done :clap: First thing that caught my eye was the background, I'm not sure why but I really love the texture! And of course, lovely writing. I'd love to be able to write as well as you do ><
And hey...who cares about accuracy?! ^^ 
Gotta say I love Thistle's laugh :XD:
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Aaah thank you! The background I took a random photo of clouds that I had, and then swirled it around using the swirly brush so it didn't look like clouds anymore. 
Eh, it's all practice and a lot of years >_> I probably spend way too much of my time hobby writing instead of doing other things haha. Once started, can't stop!
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Oh right! Oh that's cool, I didn't even know you could edit photos in Sketchbook :blush:
Yeah, I suppose that helps! =D Good old hobbies.... causing procrastination since the start of time!
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Zelda, no. No. ZELDA. NO.

*coughs* The strange thing is, I don't mind Thistle that much in Occult Ascendancy, but I remember wanting him dead by the end of the Twilight Princess arc in Rend. It would make sense to want him dead in the former, because he was the Big Bad in Occult Ascendancy, but I was completely fine (and happy for Thyme) when it turned out he didn't kick the bucket in it. Huh.

About OA, I forgot to follow it and only just recently realized that it was complete and finished it off, because I'm a bit of a dolt like that at times. Anyway, permit me to have a minor freakout about DAT ENDING OH MY GOSH I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT VAATI BABY YOU WISHED AWAY PART OF YOURSELF THAT WAS WONDERFUL BUT FRICK. *breathes* 'K, I'm done. But really, I found that a wonderful ending. I can't stop imagining Dark or Zelda deciding to be a troll and dragging him to a convention one day, though. And then someone would insult Vaati's cosplay, ala ATLA and Zuko's scar.
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Haha hmmm, that is curious. I'm not sure myself which story he was supposed to be more annoying in, and I've had different feedback from different people (some liked him more in Rend, some liked him more in OA). I wasn't actually sure if I would have him die or survive in OA until after the half-way point, when I really ended up liking ThistlexThyme ^^;;;

AHHHH thank you! I love hearing that I managed to get a reaction from readers even long after I've finished the story! Glad you liked the ending, even though he said goodbye to a big part of his life. Hahahaha omg yeah I can totally see that! I might have to draw that someday XD
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Oh wait a minute is this the new wizzrobe you were talking about? Or is this thistle?
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Nope, this is still Thistle! This is back when he's still an Ice Wizzrobe, so he's wearing blue :)
It's a small backstory-ish thing on a possibility on how Thistle first got his crazy idea to defeat Link and Vaati in Rend
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Haha I like it. I always thought he was funny.
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Hey fleets, you remember how I said that I was going to make a Pokémon team with your OA original characters names? Well, I FINALY found my Soul Sliver game chip, and right now, I have Gale, Thistle, Thyme, and Kestel done, I just need Hawk and Dugal and then I'm done. I'll take a picture of the team when every one is fully evolved and upload it so you can see which Pokémon I chose to be who. Also, I can't tell who's Hawk and who's Kestel, so do you mind telling me who's who?
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THAT'S AWESOME. I'm super curious as to what you picked for who! I'm still working on beating Pokemon Y, and then I was going to work on my own OC team and I might snag your assignment ideas when I get to it :3 (might be different for Gen VI but ahhhh I'm really curious to see who~)
Kestrel is the Japanese guy who's always wearing sunglasses, the techie, and Hawk is the blond one ;)
I'm having trouble deciding who they would be myself. 
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K, thanks, also, I got every one together, I just need to get them fully evolved. Gale is already fully evolved, and Thyme is almost there, she's just one level from evolving. -_- Also, I'm going though the story of Soul Silver with the team, mainly because I haven't played the game for a while, and did you know that Hail makes Blizzard have a 100% chance of hitting?
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I am... SO glad that Hail didn't have that mechanism in Red/Blue. Lorelei was my least favorite Elite Four to go against back in the day when I didn't understand a thing about typing and her Lapras-Blizzard just wrecked me so hard - my only hope was to cross my fingers it would miss x_x
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I always get hit by Thunder even when it's NOT raining, but it works the same way when I use it. Also, you need to finish up that animation for OA.
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I always get hit by Thunder, and my Thunder always misses -_-;;;

I haven't finished the animation, but I'm uploading the next WIP update tonight! :D
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I'm watching it now, also, thanks for the favorite!
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This is so good! Excellent work as always!
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Here's a suggestion concerning how the timeline would work between FaV and Rend.

I distinctly remember that Ganondorf sent Opal to find some good Wizzrobes from some random time period, maybe she just warped to this time and got Thistle from here. It wouldn't seem to crazy considering the full extent of Opal's abilities.

Just a thought, if you haven't got a better idea or something. 
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