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A tiny tiny head shot of the White Maiden Elise from FaV~
She's probably telling the princess to stay away from Vaati since she thinks he's evil's spawn -_-
I mean, she's not a bad person... she has good intentions it's just, well, they're very close-minded good intentions that makes her very hard to like as a character.
You can imagine how happy she'll be when Zelda loses her memories. 

Yeah... I want to say I dislike her but it's more of a "why do you have to be so narrow-minded and a;dj;lksjf frustrating???" compared to outright hate. Needless to say she was inspired by many people I know in real life who have the best of intentions but end up hurting people unintentionally >_>
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She's so beautiful! Too bad she's so against Vaati :(
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I really liked the design of the White Maiden from FSA, so I just had to use her :)
I kind of ruined her personality by making her so unlikable though haha XD
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wow, she's pretty!
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I see what you mean by the character =3 I can see why a narrow-minded person like her could cause trouble, especially as Zelda and Vaati should theoretically be sworn enemies. I wonder if she'll be convinced to change her mind?... With people like that though, it can be very hard 
May I ask...what art program do you use? I'm just curious since your art is  completely unique to any other style I've seen before! It's beautiful! =3
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it's no surprise that she annoys even me, her creator, since she was based off of some of the most annoying people i've met in real life >_>

Right now I'm using sketch book pro! I got it as a birthday present :3
I don't think it's quite as good as sketch book sai to be honest... because it doesn't have the option to draw straight/curved lines in a path. Actually in that regard I liked GIMP, the free program, better. What I do like about it though is its response to pressure and some of its pen options since its pencil lines are the closest to a real pencil as I've ever gotten with the programs I've used so far. 

Thank you~ :D
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Oh right! Yeah, I used to use Sketchbook but TBH I find Sai much better, especially for line work. Also, I don't think Sketchbook has a Blur option, so that can be really annoying! But I think it's really good for cartoons, and I agree with you on the pressure sensitivity - it is really good and a lot more accurate than most others. I'm not sure whether you can customise brushes on it... I didn't have that much time with it before my computer self-destructed ><
Gimp...I've never heard of that, I'll have to check it out ;) Thank you!
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I can definitely understand Elise in that factor (being kinda close-minded myself unfortunately, but I usually keep my mouth shut :P )
She seems like an interesting character :P
Frustrating characters can be a handful when you least expect it XD *glares at a few of my own OC's*
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I like her but I hate her at the same time, if that makes any sense...
I like her because I GET her, and get where she's coming from. 
I hate her because she has one-opinion-syndrome -_-;;;

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Somehow I can relate to that. Not just with OC's, but with RL people :P
*nods in understanding*
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This kinda reminds me of a conversation from Jurassic Park 3

Billy: It was a stupid decision, but I did it with the best intentions.

Alan Grant: Some of the worst things ever done have been made with the best intentions!

I know it's not exactly relatable, but it always remind me that 'best intentions' doesn't automatically mean its the best choice.
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I loved that line. It's so true...

Now I have to go rewatch the movies because those movies were my childhood and they were so good and a;sdlkfja;skdjf
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ME TOO! I remember that I could watch those films over and over again on my VHS player when I was younger.

Hell, Alan Grant was actually the one that inspired me to wear hats.
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This is wonderful <3
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:hug: You're very welcome! C:
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Beautiful fleets. Beautiful... so are zelda and vaati married now or are they working on it
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Thanks! They're married now, but Zelda hasn't made it public yet because she's worried about how people would take it ;)
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OH! So she's one of them simpleton Objectivist types. The "Good is Good. Evil is Evil. No in Between!" kind of gal eh? Wonderful. I'll call her Ayn Rand! 
(Eccentric Monologue has ended.)
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I'm not familiar with Ayn Rand, but yeh, you got it right. Really simple and not very flexible in terms of understanding good and evil. 
*sigh* even though I'm her creator her world views really annoy me...
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Ayn Rand if you're not aware is the person who wrote Atlas Shrugs which inspires a lot of objectivist views... Well okay I don't want to bore you with my useless history knowledge so I'll just summarize is it as best and as lazy as I can. 

Ayn Rand as far as I know, had created or at least encouraged the view of Objectivism. The view that there are only two sides, white and black, good and bad, worthy and unworthy. There are no gray areas, there is no inbetween, only the illusion of thereof. 

Basically whether you like it or not, a very simplified view on things that not everyone agrees with.
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