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I've been trying to find Zelda's voice so I did a little drawing exercise :)
I realized that I was starting to write Zelda as too much of a tomboy. And while tomboy is fine... FS Zelda has an adorable bow and I decided she wasn't cute enough!
I think I'm beginning to figure her out now though :3
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I love the expression in her eyes :3
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Thank you! Drawing the eyes was probably my favorite part of the doodle :D
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I agree with everything you said about their dynamic, you had me nodding the whole time :)
Thank you so much! :D
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:rofl: OOOW! that got him and yet he's still smirking!!
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awww how cute the way zelda is playing with the little floating eye ball and vaati's smirk(might have misspelled his name ^.^;) its just perfect for him XD i love this a lot
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In love with Zelda's expressions and Vaati's evil grin! So.Freaking.EPIC! :heart: 
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I used to think Zelda was boring as a character. Then some awesome people on the website taught me she can be pretty epic if we let her :3

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Ikr! I love it when people make her more of a tomboy and not all girly and stuff! It makes her more cool! :D
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I really like how you did Vaati's grin. I don't really picture him grinning like that, but you made him look really cool...and creepy.
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Yay Vaati grin! :D
Uh oh....Vaati you better be careful before you lose an eye......did-did I just-
Boredom: Yep. You made a terrible pun.
Me: ... *facepalm* *grins as I sneak over to Vaati and poke him from behind*
*turned to stone before I could ever run away* XD
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hahahahahahahaahaha *shot*
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*is already dead*
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I love Vaati's big grin. :D
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Vaati+grin=fangirl' fleets' fodder
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