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Sunset Shimmer

this one was fun to do! i like her design... these colors were really fun to play with
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WF-7620 Series
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OMG THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Like I legit made an account just to tell you that. Amazing!

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This looks beautiful, such fantastic traditional work!
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This is so pretty! You did a fantastic job utilizing the various shades of red in particular. Sunny's tail being both really long and fiery really complements Sunny herself. It also creates great eye-flow of the lower half of the piece.
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The colors are incredible! :D
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Wow, amazing work!!
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This is stunningly gorgeous! Wonderful job! The shading and the lighting are exquisite.
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This is beautiful! The composition, the colors, the pose... everything is just perfect!! <3
Great job!!
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So beautiful with all the flowers and her waving hair!
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It's a traditional art... 0_0
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Wow, this is really beauiful! I love the way you use colors here :)
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Wow! Sunset Shimmer looks really beautiful in your pic. :D
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 What materials do you use for your art? They have such lovely soft colours
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I use AD Chartpak markers and Canson Marker Paper... The lines are done with colored pencil lead, and the white accents are done with white acrylic ink.
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Oh WOW <3 This was literally breathtaking, as when I switched tabs to look at this one and saw it I let out such a huge gasp IRL! I regret not having the time to comment on artworks on DA more these days, being so busy with checking all the daily pony art and music and everything, but here I just gotta take a minute to tell you just how AMAZING this last batch looks, and this one especially is my favorite, it is sooo stunning and marvelous to gaze at, the details of the flowers, the colors, the scene, the "poetry", Sunset and her artistic tail and mane, their texture, the serene expression on her face... You've got such talent, and the other pieces as well are showcasing that so much, that tribute to Starlight that is so artistic, that depiction of Celestia with such rich colors... I could spend hours gazing at them and commenting them. Truly breathtaking and such a magical sight to behold. My words cannot possibly be enough to praise such divine art, but really, utterly amazing work on all these, and thank you for sharing them. This community has such talent and you are another proof of that <3 Lots of love!
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thank you so much. your comment is so thoughtful and sweet, i appreciate all of the kindness that you have taken the time to express. thank you very much, again, for your touching words!!
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your works are crazy! I love your style. This picture is so beautifully made. Why got me scrolling through your stuff was seeing your pony pile piece. So creative!!! It was so different from other fan art you typically see. It was definitely original and so well made. Awesome stuff!!
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Daughter!! This is absolutely lovely <3
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