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I almost thought Opal was playing with Rarity's tail.
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YES. YES is the answer to this art.... just. YES
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This is beautiful! :3
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This is my favorite pony picture, like, ever 
So amazing
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I love the linework!
I bought this as a bookmark at bronycon and its awesome!
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omg this is beautiful.
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I saw this print at bronycon today so beautiful! Rarity is best pony and she is so wonderful here.
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I don't have words to describe how I :heart:loooove:heart: this style! la request 
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This is the coolest MLP style ever! 
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wow, she looks so pretty ;u;
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Holy cow, this is...Im speechless. <3
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she looks tired and skinny; is something wrong with her?
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I just fell in love with art. And the way you drew her so anatomically correct, with that amazing mane and that gorgeous tail... you even did that ladylike sitting position on the chair. I don't know how to describe this as anything but perfection. Must be hard to work in such a position for hours on end.

Also, Opal looks like a bunny. That's so cute how kitten like she looks here. But hot damn you did wonders on her mane and tail. Just wow.
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It's a really lovely view of the exhausted pony, so caught up in her inspiration that she really tuckered herself out. Good thing she can balance on her rolling chair and the sewing machine so well, but I'm guessing this pose is well "practiced." You matched the lovely flowing of her mane and tail with the curve and flow of her body and all the shapes and shadows. All very sleek and smooth with a slightly ethereal feeling. The high viewpoint does a sweet job letting us fully see everything that conveys the quiet mood as Rarity slumbers under the bright workshop lights. (I wonder if the artist here is often in the same situation. ;))

Let's just hope that Opalescence isn't planning to spoil her pony's little nap.
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This is beautiful! Love the hair the pose everything!
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I thought we were done with the Rarity-marshmallow meme!

No seriously though, the mane and tail are, uh...marvelous!
And the stylised look is so great - love it ^^
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Love the pose, lighting, and perspective in this piece. It creates a fantastic atmosphere. I also like that you included Opalescence. And that mane and tail. Stunning! ^_^
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Beautiful and elegant job.
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this is so neat the way you created this.
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Me most nights <33 Such a beautiful drawing <33
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this style is soo beautiful!!!!
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This is so good it simply shouldn't be possible.
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