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I haven't done anything here for a while, including browse.  This is partially due to dev/art being a dirty whore to me and making me reload pages endlessly to actually get any content to load- they seem to have rectified that situation, even with my hyper crack ferret style of web browsing, everything has loaded perfectly with no multiple reloadings or anything.  The submission process though?  I don't remember it being anywhere near this complicated.

Of course, just as I log in to check messages and start up again, the server goes down to read only mode.  My timing blows.

Another reason is that I haven't done all that much web worthy.  I've not kept up on drawing everyday, at all, and a fair amount of stuff I've done is personal sketchy note doodles, which do not deserve to be scanned, and don't make sense out of the context of the inner workings of my own brain, plans for things and such.  Partly this is due to lack of inspiration, and more recently due to new additions to the family- a puppy who is now 8 weeks old, and a kitten, now 6 weeks.  They fight with each other- even though the puppy by far the larger, she's broken one of his ears, and he has done no damage to her- he mostly plays pretty nice.  So I'm spending my time breaking up the epic battles, cleaning up after him as he's not housebroken, and being catbed and pillow to her (she enjoys using my arm as pillow all the time) as she only has two modes- hyper bouncy dog attacking, and sleepy.  I currently have no life outside of dealing with them, and haven't even been leaving the house recently (ok, so actually, this is a not unusual occurance).

Now, of course, I have the massive backlog of things people have done to look through, that may take a while.


These people all post more often than I do, and they also post wonderful marvelous things, so pay them a visit.

:icondorothy: :iconeyeofdog: :iconnightmarelolita: :iconnadav:
I'm new here, you might have noticed.  Still getting the hang of the interface (commenting ettiquette and the like especially.  The inability to name things what I want to at times is also somewhat annoying, but that's ok).

As a personal challenge to myself, I am going to attempt to draw at least one thing a day.  Most of that will probably not end up here, but some of it will (of course, I spend more time messing around with them in Photoshop than I do the actual drawing!).

After a weekend of extreme pain (shall we say Umax are not my friends?), I finally got the scanner working again so I could scan some new things.  Akai and the Graveyard picture are a number of months old and I happened to have them on this computer, the other drawings are all within the last month or less.  Next week some other older stuff may go up, but I don't have it here.

Sometimes I make KiSS dolls.  I haven't finished and released one in a year and a half.  That has to change.

For actual journaling, I'm going to stick to my subkultures account.

Older drawings are in my gallery- a lot of these will end up there eventually.

I also have a webpage, full of stuff.