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Steampunk Character Sketch 1 by fledermaus Steampunk Character Sketch 1 by fledermaus
Look! Something new for a change! Actually, cup of sex is new too, but a lot of stuff has been older. I'm lazy with scanning, also I have to fight my way through piles of detrius to get to it (kittenpuppy related).

A different style of colouring than I've been doing recently- I like it, though it has some disadvantages. Originally this was on a sheet of paper that was going to have various views- but I got all paranoid about smudging the pencil, so I scanned this bit first (I may edit this later with the original intent). My scanner likes smushing colours, especially towards the light values. Yeah, it sucks. But with a fair bit of tweaking, I got something I could live with (multiply is my friend). Oh yeah, and mechanical pencils? Not so hot for shading really. But they're the only thing I could find that wasn't puppy-eaten at the time.

A steampunkish character- she's a Medusa. They graft on the cables to their heads (the head is not covered as with real hair- there would be too many cables. They go for undercut type arrangements)- yes, they are independantly mobile.*

*With steam era tech, that would be difficult to impossible really, but don't tell anyone. Electrical is one of the big reasons why we can start implanting things for direct use. Also, miniaturization doesn't work with steam era, so things would be super clunky.
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July 3, 2004
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