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Reunion Self Portrait by fledermaus Reunion Self Portrait by fledermaus
Drawn the night before I got into the dorms for reunion (cheaper than a hotel, yes, but so noisy, including broken wine bottles in the stairwell and yelling one night, that I didn't get much sleep). In fact, drawn when I should have been asleep, therefore a bit messy- with a ballpoint in the hotel room, and a red crayon I'd grabbed off the floor of a restaurant where I ate dinner (from the kids kit). When I was in college I had a drawing that lived on the door- my hair was turquoise then, and the pose and clothing are a bit different, but same purse (which I forgot to crosshatch)- so I made a new one for reunion last minute. It was a way to denote which door was mine.

I kinda like the ballpoint. I'm usually obsessed with clean lines, it was nice to use something that made that really impossible- even where I didn't manage to smudge it.

Again, no, I don't really look like that. I never aim for realism in self-portraits, just in portraits of others.
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JelloArms Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
the boots are awesome! :nod:
fledermaus Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
Thanks! They're my "everyday" boots, though the back of one is starting to give (I have to see if I can fix that, I so don't want to give them up). All hail the gods of the thrift store.
abaret Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2004   Writer
so much black and white. the red hair sticks out so much. I like it.
fledermaus Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
Thanks! I was really happy I found that red crayon, it added a lot to it (even if my hair is a more pinky red now really, close enough).
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July 2, 2004
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