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GuildWars Necromancer redux by fledermaus GuildWars Necromancer redux by fledermaus
Trying my hand at some designs that fit with the character design as is in game. Partway through I decided I hated those skulls on the shoulders, which the whole thing was built around- while they stand out more in a nice bone texture, this way they're less "oh look! great big random white bits!"
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dorothy Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2004
that is SO cute
how did you get that design all over her armor like that?
fledermaus Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2004
It was a pain in the ass. This time I penciled in the swirls but didn't ink, and scanned the original twice- once my standard lineart (no greys), once greyscale (I scan huge- 600dpi for working, so lineart with no greys make no difference, and I find it easier to play with effects and pull out areas). Then popped the greyscale into Illustrator because its a bit easier to work with than Photoshop paths, and pathed in all the swirls. Transferred that back to Photoshop, as a path layer. On a new regular layer, stroked the paths with a 5px black pencil to get the lines. I would just ink in the future and pull them out from the edges like I did with the other- it is easier that way really (that did have less to pull out from the edge lines, but I still think it would have been easier here too).

Then new hue/sat adjustment layers under the lines, but above the straight red, select the paths, guas blur a bit, and offset, a lighter version moved down and to the right a bit, a darker version up and to the left- offsetting to give the "embossing." And then cleaned up the bits that offset outside of the areas it should.
dorothy Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004
oh ^.^; (wish i had photoshop -.-;; )
fledermaus Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004
Wow. I already thought your colouring was absolutely amazing, but to be doing that sort of work without Photoshop is extra incredible.
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June 24, 2004
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