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By FlawedFlare
I'm such a nerd.
I created a visual novel.
with Ren'Py.
And I wasted a ton of hours.
This is my first finished game, so feel free to critique it!
But please be nice about it. ;___;

It's called Adventure on the Other Side.
Lame name.
I know.

Download links:


Yay or nay?
:iconarialhant: seems to like it fine.
Well, more than fine.
She was my main assistant on this game, finding stuff for me. (Thank you!! :heart: )
I'm planning on making a sequel soon, since I need stuff to do over the remaining 3 weeks of summer vacation.
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I'll check it out for sure ^_^ glad you made it for mac as well
FlawedFlare's avatar
Thank you!
Let me know how you like it!
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I just tried out the first part to the game. I like it. It's pretty good.

Ritz is indeed insane, I can relate to FL a lot I am all to familiar with having friends who are insane. XD They are good friends but they have some pretty crazy ideas.

Is there another part somewhere?
FlawedFlare's avatar
I'm actually remaking the game at the moment!

This time with more of the story!
Thanks for playing!! ^-^
SakuraBellStudios's avatar
YAY!! I can't wait! Keep me posted on the progress and i'll play it again. I may even make a video of me playing it and put it on youtube. with your permission of course.
FlawedFlare's avatar
Okay, I will. (:
Thank you for playing!
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i guess i will check it out also. i am also making a couple vns at the moment too i know how you feel. well i will give you a reply on how it was once i get a chance to play it
FlawedFlare's avatar
Thank you!
I hope you enjoy it!
Theguywhofavs's avatar
Hello :wave:!

I´ll admit that I kinda like this VN :).
Fun and easy, if I may say :thumbsup:.

Will there be any sequel to this? If so, I´ll wait with excitement :D.

But I want to ask one thing:
What's wrong with Ritsuka?
If I may be honest, I do dislike her, for many reasons.

:star: :highfive: :star:.
FlawedFlare's avatar
I do have a sequel planned out.
But I'm not good enough to make it by myself.
So for now, I'm just working on other things
So I can get better.

Well, she's hyper-active and kind of a push-over.
Technically, she's crazy.
Very crazy.

I'm glad you liked my VN!!
Thank you!
Theguywhofavs's avatar

Thanks for you reply :D!
I appriciate it! Also, it answer my question too, so thanks!

But one thing, if I may ask:
Are you planning to make any other VN than "Adventure on the Other Side" ?

Sorry for the interrupting like that.
But thanks again :).

:star: :highfive: :star:.
FlawedFlare's avatar
It's quite alright.

Currently, I'm working on a puzzle/mystery VN.
I actually just started last week.
It's called "Yesterday's Dream"
Where a girl finds herself in the middle of nowhere.
And finds a house to stay in for shelter.
Theguywhofavs's avatar
Oooohhh... that's interesting :)!

I´ll wait with excitement til then :D.
Goodluck with your projects, and everything else :meow:!
And thanks again :thanks: !

:star: :highfive: :star:.
FlawedFlare's avatar
Thank you so much!!
Knifem4n's avatar
Love it, it was really funny! Hope for the second part to release <3
FlawedFlare's avatar
Thank you!! (:
At the moment, I've been making new stories to build up my coding skills.
I'm really glad you like it!!
Knifem4n's avatar
hope you have any fun with it (:

I just browsed your gallery and read two stories and some of your journal
You're soo awesome =)
I really fall for melancholic and creative girls <3<3<3
Though I don't know you I have a feeling that if I was a girl I was a little like you. Really...
I will read the rest of your stuff for sure
And by the way Koshizu is gorgeous. :heart: Hope to see more of her, too.

And if you're not too buisy:
smile for a second :)

FlawedFlare's avatar
Awww, you're nice!!
Thank you so much.
So so so so sooooo much!!
This means a lot to me!

And I will smile, thank you!
For more than a second!
Kokoro-Hane's avatar
I very much enjoyed your visual novel! I got all the endings and was sad to find out that this was only part 1. I look forward to a part 2!

I even reviewed it; [link]
FlawedFlare's avatar
Yeah, I have the story all outlined for part 2. But I haven't exactly started on it.
It's just that I'M SO LAZYYYYY
But thank you SO SO SO SOOO MUCH for the review. It means a lot to me!
Gives me a tons of motivation for working on part 2, really. So THANK YOU! :heart:
Kokoro-Hane's avatar
No problem. I wanna see a part 2. *dying to know what happens....THE SUSPENSE KYAAAH!!!*
FlawedFlare's avatar
The art is the hardest part for me. *super procrastinator*
I'm sorry. ^-^;;
Kokoro-Hane's avatar
I know the feeling.
AbsoluteUncertainty's avatar
I really need your help on renpy. I finished making my game, but I don't know how to convert it to flash to upload online! What do I do? TT_TT
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