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:pointr: Chapter 1 - Talk of Dreams - [link]
:pointr: Chapter 2 - Burning Memory - [link]
:pointr: Chapter 3 - Blood and Water - [link]
:pointr: Chapter 4 - Shadowplay - [link]

Jade Tears Chapter 1: Talk of Dreams

"In a world of technology in the year 2040, where megacorps rule, and magic and cybertech mix, an elf named Aurora Adonai must find her peace. She Runs the night to build her life into an alter to her horrifying past, her painful present, and her crystalline future. Join the talk of dreams...Originally, this story takes place in the world of Shadowrun, Aurora being the first character I roleplayed for the FASA game."

This is the first draft of a very, VERY old story written for my Shadowrun Street Samurai, Aurora Adonai. It has since been scrapped so I can set her in her own original universe, but this is worth reading for what glimpses we see of Aurora's character. Based heavily on the Shadowrun tabletop sessions from high school, much of the plot being lifted directly from our games.

Three more chapters coming soon!
Written back in 2002, so please assume I have improved since then.
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