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Ode To Narcissism

By Flaw-BL
Exploring narcissism as an important part of human psyche.
Constant need to project a picture of one-self to others in order to strengthen it.


* Yukio Mishima's obsession with self-love, self-image.

* Oscar Wilde's character Dorian Gray : The decay of physical-self, the body.

Comments are welcome...


Used following resources:

Scratch Texture Brushes by ~daughterofsnape

Large polaroid brushes by =Sanami276

Model: Me
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Very simple and accurate description of narcissism <3
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Unable to consummate his love, Narcissus pined away at the pool and changed into the flower that bears his name, the narcissus. But in other hand, sufferers of Dorian Gray Syndrome are heavy users of cosmetic medical procedures and products in an attempt to preserve their youth. Which brings us to vanity, and philosophically speaking, vanity may refer to a broader sense of egoism and pride. And at end, I have to ask myself who can really be a narcissist: a person that's in love with every atom of his being or me?
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Used great texture. Random stuff put together making it look like one of them awesome water color paintings.
I'm guessing the thing your holding is an eye? And I basicly like this! :thumbsup:
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Creepy picture but goes well with the concept. The eye in place of the head really speaks to me.
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vrlo jako...
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very interesting picture :D By the way have you read Mishima's Forbidden colours? Great book and very revealing on Mishima's narcissistic views.
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Ljudi previse vole sami nekad nije dobro.
Dobra slika sa jakom porukom.
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Wow! I really like this. I saw it on the front page in the newly submitted stuff and it really struck me.
I'm not really a connoisseur of digital manipulations, so I can't really comment on the execution. But just from a personal taste point of view, I notice the body is a bit off balance towards the left of image. Personally in an image like this I quite like to see symmetry, so the elbows and shoulders not being in line irks me a bit. But that is really a minor criticism.
Out of curiosity, what is he holding in front of his face?
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Thanks, constructive criticism is always welcome.

To be honest with you I haven't noticed asymmetry at first. It would be more eye pleasing. But...than again it fits the concept: humans, by nature are far from perfect.

To satisfy your curiosity. I took the source photo standing in front of a the camera is in my hands.
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Beautiful! :heart: Great concept and awesome editing! :clap:
(I love Dorian Grey! :D )
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You're welcome! :heart:
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Thats really gorgeous :heart:
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Thanks! I appreciate it.
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