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May 18, 2014
BLOOD WINDOW POSTER - Ventana Sur / INCAA by FlavioGreco is a fantastic illustrated piece for the film festival we all have been dying to go see! The artist's use of colour and detailing combined with sinister humour make this a truly impressive digital art piece.
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Por fin puedo mostrarles la ilustración que preparé para Ventana Sur / INCAA. Es el poster para Blood Window, el mercado que tienen para la promoción de cine fantástico y de terror. Estoy muy contento, entre otras cosas, porque va a representar al segmento en muchos festivales internacionales de cine durante todo el año.
Finally I can show you the illustration I did for Ventana Sur / INCAA. It’s a poster for Blood Window, its horror & fantasy film market. I’m very happy, among other things, because it will represent the segment in many international film festivals throughout the year.

Film Market: Blood Window
Client: Ventana Sur / INCAA
Illustration: Flavio Greco Paglia

PS: If you want to take a look to the full project, feel free to visit my behance:……

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KindergartenTeacher's avatar
LOOOOOVE that tentacle grabbing and shaking the kid! :XD: We don't get to see that sort of thing nearly often enough! :headbang:
FlavioGreco's avatar
Thanks! It was the kid's fault, he shouldn't have checked his phone during the projection!
So cool wow 👏👏
MrRemoraman's avatar
The song "Science Fiction Double Feature" (the Gimmegimmes cover) is playing in my head as I look at this...

Great job! Looks fantastic.
Grundelius's avatar
Me encanta, genial!!!
No creo que al zombie le interesen las palomitas de maíz :v
FlavioGreco's avatar
Claro que sí, los ve parecidos a pequeños cerebros (imaginate el sentido de la vista en un cadáver putrefacto, démosle el beneficio de la duda).
Grundelius's avatar
JA JA JA buen punto XD
alithking's avatar
Impresionante trabajo amigo, felicidades. 
Vandal030's avatar
Thats excellent. Really cool.
JBRonel's avatar
This should be a Scary Movie cover 
FlavioGreco's avatar
It's a Blood Window cover! Blood Window is a Latin American market oriented to promote genre movies.
JBRonel's avatar
Ohhhhhh, is it also a movie too, and this picture Dope as Hell tho. The detailings on this is amazing and is this graphic desgin? If so can you give me some advice about it? 
TrentRedmon's avatar
Very very cool, beautiful colours and lighting, good anatomy, cool idea. Very smooth and slick 
FlavioGreco's avatar
Thanks! It's been a while, but it remains the most viral of my artworks. Pretty unexpected (as example, some days ago Slash posted it on his Instagram)
erickt123's avatar
hombre felicidades esta espectacular muy buena técnica y composición el detalle de las gafas 3d me encanta la iluminacion esta barbara , que programas utilizaste phothoshop ?

FlavioGreco's avatar
Si, photoshop! Gracias
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Looking Great! :D
Is this based on something or original idea of yours?
FlavioGreco's avatar
If you google the concept 'girl on theather with zombies/monsters' you'll find lots of artworks picturing the idea. Besides cliches yes! It's an original idea /composition /design. Thanks for asking.
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