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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 3, 2013, 1:39 AM
My new webpage is now online. You can find also some tutorial-videos on the site
I will soon upload a new tutorial showing some steps of my work. It will currently be just in German but maybe I´m gonna translate it in the future.

A complete new website will also coming soon: Check it out on…

Or on Facebook for further news:
I will paint one picture of these 6 thumbs, the one with the most voices. The first few hours of the process will be streamed on livestream tomorrow at 08.00 pm (European-Time)

Here is the link to the pictures:

And the link to the livestream:

Come and join me :)
Livestreaming now: Speedpainting with Ginji
First public livestream on Monday 12, 08.00 PM (European-Time)

Come and watch me draw and paint live:
Hello Everyone

A few days ago, I decided to open a blog next to the already existing Facebook-Group, where I upload all kinds of sketches and work in progress. The Blog is pretty new, so there isn't so much content there now, but I want to update it a lot with Walkthroughs and working process stuff. When you also have a blog on, don't be shy to add me :D I currently write in German, but if there are some English-Speaking readers, I will change the language (And I apologize in advance, for my bad English-Grammar XD)

Link to the Blog:

Ginjis Resort is reopened for comission work for August / September.


Portrait, Simple Background
Starts from 250 USD

Portrait, Character with Background
Starts from 300 USD

Landscape complexe
Starts from 300 USD

For more information, write me a message or visit my homepage

Ginjis Resort

Follow me on Facebook and get an exclusive look from Future Projects, Making-Ofs and Sketches:

Ginjis Resort on Facebook
I wanted to thank you all for choosing me for the Daily Deviation a few days ago and for all your comments and faves! I didn't even know that there existed something like that (LOL) So I was pretty surprised, when I saw that I had all of a sudden over 2000 more Messages!
I think im going to use my Deviant Art Account a little bit more active in the future, so I decided to open a Journal.

Two weeks ago, I moved into a new flat near St. Gallen (east switzerland). I still don't know a lot about this region here, but its seems pretty beautiful, with lots of nature and a great panorama to the Swiss Alps. Also the appartement is very nice with a very modern touch and lots of space. I am really enjoying this, cause i bearly had place at my parents home.

With the change of my livingplace I also (and finally!!) changed the design and name of my homepage! Check it out: