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The Power of Hope

By flaviobolla
Inspired by a Icebear Documentary Movie I watched lately.

Wanted to do something a little bit different.
All done in Photoshop.

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I love your work. Your skys are V cool.
ooh wow!!!!!!!! superbe ;)
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This is stunning!! the colours are so intense yet so calming, to me atleast.
Plus the composition and the details are quite strong, and the polar bears give the painting a good source of
beauty or even inspiration. I love it :)
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F*cking fantastic stuff man
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This picture is so sad because we should all know, even with our efforts, their is no hope for Polar Bears and a lot of people that live in their environment because not enough people care about them. :( This world is terrible. Religion said's the world is for humans and for us to do what we want with no responsibility for the other species around is and the world is a wreck now.....
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I was simply browsing your gallery, fellow deviant, and then I found this piece, it caught my eyes completely. There are times when everything seems too gloomy and sorrowful, but even in the darkest of places there's always hope that gives us the strength and courage to keep going, just like this polar bear with her cub. Thank you very much for reminding me of hope with this painting! :) (Smile)
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I'm from Manitoba, so I really appreciate the attention our neighbours get around the world. 
haroon33's avatar words man. anyone can draw but not anyone catches the at awe sir
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This is beautiful! I love your paintings. Wish i had photoshop so I could do this but I'll just watch your paintings instead!
Love the warm colours in the sky, something I wouldn't think to use in (I assume) an arctic environment.
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Love the sky and the bears!
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This is incredible! :D
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Speechlessly stunning.
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Wow! I love this, and great colors!
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oh dear. those colours! outstanding.
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Do the brighter parts of the orange clouds mimic the two polar bears in some way? Or is my imagination just too large :3
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This is so beautiful. Very nice style. Congratulations.
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