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The Giants of the Past - A lost City

By flaviobolla
Personal piece of work, combining 3d-, textures- and many hours of painting-techniques together. The approach is still pretty new to me, but a lot of fun.
Before I forget: This work has nothing to do with the Last of Us, even if the mood might feel similar.
Except for the used textures, everything is completely done from imagination.

Thanks for taking a look!

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© 2014 - 2021 flaviobolla
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HammerinInkminer's avatar
...a believable and realistic image -- well done.
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Wow! Fabulous work. 
Catweazle01's avatar
I urgently need such a scene for my DAZ-Renders!!!
AmandaJeansDrawings's avatar
Did you paint all of the little windows or use texture? Looks amazing btw :)
TrainTruck73's avatar
How this is an amazing work of progress of an fantastic world to see if not knowing what it is, as how you bring an fantasy place to real life is an very unique coloring of tech in a making towards the lights and shades for brightness of the lighting up in areas. Almost like China city or Japan kind of building design.
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Nice! This somehow reminds me of the documentary "Life After People".
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That's what i was thinking of also an tad bit as it looks so amazing, but true story there are places like this that some YouTube people went and found an lot of.
RoganMcDumbledore's avatar
I have no words for how good this is!
Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
What city used to be here, I wonder..?
Tyrancor's avatar
Love the picture. Goes into my inspirational writing folder :)
seconded, absolutely beautiful, lost, stunning!
If mankind ever goes extinct, this what the our cities will look like afterwards. Beautiful yet creepy.
StefanGaertner's avatar
I think I'm going to walk to work. :D
hamilton120712's avatar
Your whole gallery was a complete and pleasant surprise.  The intricate detail in each rendering creates so much interest.  Your eyes dart back and forth trying to see it all, trying not to miss many of subtleties.  Big thumbs up! 
nudagimo's avatar
Stunning work! :clap:
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I like this, reminds me of Coppelion. In my head, the three girls are somewhere in the painting, just walking around looking for survivors...
ArtRock15's avatar
That's cool ! Thumbs Up  It's a masterpiece!! +favlove 
Hey, can I use this for a game I'm designing currently called Extinction? It's a time travel game and this would great for the city being abandoned in the future.
BrutalityInc's avatar
And thus we bear witness to the fallen glory of Humanity, and pray our future descendants need not walk among the ruins of their forefathers.
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