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By flaviobolla
Commissioned work for This was one of the most interesting pictures I ever had to paint! I really got sucked into the roman stuff and learned quite a few details that I didn't know yet.

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sweet, i heard this actually happened in roman history as part of the arena entertainment. captivating piece
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This is so utterly and amazingly badass!
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Bet that was a pain to clean up after.
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Why should I watch gladiators fighting if I could watch ships battling themselves in an arena?
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Wow.... This amazing! Why doesn't this have a DD??
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Beautiful picture. Very atmospheric, expressive and charming artwork. And...for some reason this picture reminds me of the ancient Rome. Perfectly :)
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Wow....ein Wasserkolosseum (?). Wenn es das ist was ich denke und meine, dass es das ist dann...richtig toll und episch, aber auch...ziemlich gefährlich für alle Zuschauer wenn sie nicht als Zielscheibe für umherfliegende Holz- und Metallsplitter enden wollen *lach*

Wie immer einfach eine Meisterarbeit, lieber Herr Flavio x)
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nero's circus
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That is truly amazing. Such detail! You really do have an abundance of talent, my friend. Nice job! ^^
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Hello, I featured your work here :… Thank your for sharing with us!
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Oh Sweetness!. I have seen so few paintings of this event.
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You silly old wasp. <3
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Woah... fantastic scene going on here! May I ask how you make the water look so realistic? I'm trying to learn how to work with paints as of late.
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Amazing scene! It'd be perfect for an animated movie! :)
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Wow, this piece is so epic. It's amazing.
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! Wow, Stunning!, i wish i could paint like you! <3 you just made me fall in love with this,

I guessed it was the coliseum when i laid eyes on it! i was taught about it and how they filled it with later and did re-enactments of great sea battles! I love the roman times if you haven't noticed! xD
XelfrepuslaX's avatar
Amazing, I like how you did the coliseum. I'm guessing you got a few interesting facts from it like, the coliseum could fill up with water and have ship battles. But I digress, I love it. It just fits together perfectly. I think that seeing a live ship battle like that would actually be so awesome o.O
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I just looked this up on Wikipedia... I would way rather see one of these than go to the movies. Just sayin'.
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