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I am sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been visiting japan a week ago, and came back with a lot of inspiration. This picture represents a personal version of Kyoto. Hope you like it :)

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I love this pic very much, even much than my city where i am living. it makes me remind of street of ancient dynasty,Song dynasty.
However,thx for making this pic. By the way i love kyoto very much too.
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Love the sunset setting; I just love that setting. Its just beautiful. I get the feudal Japan feel, and having gone to Kyoto once before, the way most buildings have similar designs as the Temples makes it feel like Kyoto.
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...the hint of light in the background makes for an adventurous and romantic feel, I always appreciate in any image.
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Hi , can I use some of your backgrounds in a non profit movie I'm making with friends ?
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This is stunning. I love the mood you created here.
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The colours, the atmosphere and the EVERYTHING! Stunning work!
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WOOOW i loved everything and the colors <3
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Amazing, Kyoto is somewhere I would love to visit someday.
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This is beautiful work
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Marvellous! :D (Big Grin) 
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I feel like a lot of your work lacks a certain level of detail. Since this picture is set at twilight, it feels like the that undefined quality works well.
Man how long did it take you to paint this perfect? I think I like this one the most because of the mood and everything ^^
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i love medieval stuff, and this is great work
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Truly Magnificent Work
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Its people like you that make me think gods exist. Utterly perfect and stunning. Not a single flaw. You are so talented. 
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It's awesome, where I can download it? I want to put it for my desktop!
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Wow, I think this is one of my favourites out of all your works! It looks so awesome!!!! :clap:
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very nice, i like
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