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Desert Gate

A picture inspired by Prince of Persia. I tried to work with a little bit more precise brush and harder edges.

12 hours, PS CS5

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That turned out wonderfully! When you first start, you's that going to look good, then it ends up looking phenomenal...and you can't believe what you just watched transpire before your eyes. Recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso. Thank you in advance!

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I like the design and the composition where the foreground is in shadow, really drawing the viewer and the mind of the viewer farther into the city to see what lies ahead
Wow nice, do you take commissions? 
very nice, the lighting and contrasts, everything is very creative and nice, very talented, great job.
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Amazing work!!! 
I like the colors. 
:) (Smile) 
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I like the design of the city a lot, from the humble domes to the spires. But the best detail is the two flows of water from the top of a building, BRILLIANT! Would you mind if I used the picture on my blog, to visualize a city? (Credited back to you of course.)
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How did you did it? What brushes did you use?

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I really enjoy your gallery! Would it be possible to get permission to use this piece on a purely personal web site with a link back here and credit given to you when it is used?
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Love the contrast between the cool and warm tones. Prince of Persia is an awesome game series too.
So damn cool!
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ancient cities... my favourite topic
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Amazing. A serious rose in the desert implicating beauty and life within a desolate place.
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Nice work on the atmosphere here, I like your sandy colours and the shape of the gate. I think the perspective on its arch is a bit off though, since our eyelevel is higher than the arch, we would not see so much of its underside. And try to avoid tensions like the line of the mountain running right through the background building's edge...there where the body of the building connects to the roof. But otherwise cool stuff :D Especially the hot sun glow on the ground really kick this off :nod:

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awesome lighting
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You're so very welcome! :blowkiss:
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:wow: :omg: im inloved in this great job...:)
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