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July 15, 2009
Asgard by ~Nurkhular is a really intricate, beautiful landscape, it makes me want to go there.
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I started this picture a couple of years ago as a speedpainting but I wasn't able to finish it due the lack of skillz -__-'

A few weeks ago, I found this sketch in one of my old folders and I really thought (even if was crappy) that it would have a lot of potential. So I started to overpaint and work things out... and this is the result :)

I think one of my better pictures, also done for my current exhibition.

Photoshop, 20 hrs
Fullsize plz
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:wave::wave::wave::wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:iconeufrosis:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
:iconsuperglompplz:Keep up the good work!
:iconflyingheartsplz:Have a good day!:hug:
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...very nice.  it's good you decided to finish it.
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if you could make more like this, it would make me happy! your art is just amazing, and when i mean JUST, i mean just by itself! if anyone, and i mean ANYONE every says its not very good, i will hunt Them DOWN.
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Awesome Asgard, home of one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Thor the God of Thunder.

I think I like it.
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I like how you made the lighting through the clouds shine & reflect on the people in this painting. The cast-shadows compliment the lighting very well!! recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso. Thank you in advance!

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oh gwad this is so good :O
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It looks beautiful :D
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good job!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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This is beautiful! 
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ヾ(o´ェ`o)ノGOOD JOB!!
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XD If you call yourself a bad artist too much, you'll make the others who aren't as good seem even worse, and they'll probably be kind of upset about that. So try to think a little more, ... constructively of your art. Lol
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fantastic work!!
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Lack of skill? I hope you're joking because that's great. 
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You are not lacking anything here my friend! Beautiful!!
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So, this is the home of Thor, so freaking EPIC!!!
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This is a very drawing composition to the eye. Your skill is impeccable.
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That is so amazing! You really have serious skills, and I love the way you the buildings all around!
I find it lovely that it started from a few years ago:heart::)
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