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November 11, 2011
A deserted City by ~Nurkhular. The artist captures amazing atmosphere in this painting - such a lonely and beautiful environment. The splashes of red are gorgeous.
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A deserted City

People seemed to be gone in this town. Will they ever come back?

Thank you very much for the DD.

PS:The Picture has absolutely nothing to do with 11. Sept, its a fantasy picture from imagination.

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Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 3
16 hours

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But wait,someone's there!  I see chimney smoke emanating from at least two households. I mean, unless everyone was in such a rush to leave, they forgot to douse the fireplace, in which case...8(

Anyway this is such a lovely piece. I like how the surrounding buildings really provide a sense of scale in comparison to the towers. All that depth and intricate detail makes me want to climb to the top and see what the rest of the city looks like. 
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Awesome atmosphere!
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It seems so sad and empty but that red tree at the bottom gives it some hope.
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My advice... don't make a desert nation in your fantasy... they will fly two planes into those towers.
Just thought of giving a heads up.
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LOVE IT !!! No even a tiny light from the windows but, a blowing big one back.N the towers... This is open to imagination, many stories can come up with your picture. Nice.
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I love the colors and the style. Brilliant!
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Superb mood and great detail in the foreground.
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superb ambiance
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Hauntingly beautiful.
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I LOVE the lighting and coloring on this piece. Great job!
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This is absolutely beautiful!
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impressive! deep details :clap: intuos master you are!
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This painting is incredible. I love the contrast and lighting, and the few spots of bright red against darker, dull colors. I just love this so much
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