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Haha, get it? Cuz it's Pie... and he likes.... pie. *ahem* TOTALLY NOT SHIPPING I SWEAR. Very much not shipping. No seriously guys, don't....sigh.... And like that I've made shipping happen. I even raised Soarin's eyelids in the last panel to make them less rapefacey. Clearly it didn't work.

With Season 2 very very rapidly approaching and Dashie's rep with the Wonderbolts steadily increasing, we can only wait to see how they get along with the rest of her friends.

This took so long to make my drawing style actually changed partway through making it and I had go back and change stuff. And the word "rump" went through several iterations I considered, including "haunch" "flank" and (VERY briefly) "plot".

Rarity is, in fact, somewhat prone to horn prodding and generally smacking Twilight around. Applejack and Fluttershy aren't here because they had to go... do..... pony things.

Oh, and hello to everypony brought here from EqD.
Pretty Ponies ©Hasbro

"Have I introduced you to Twilight yet?"
"Yes. It was a load of sappy drivel with weak characters and sparkly vampires. I have no clue why you showed it to me."
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I love the last panel!