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Daring Do Looks for Rocks

EDIT: I don't get it. Seriously, what....what is the joke here, exactly? I really don't know.

Okay so get this, right? Like the evening before I got on a plane to Balitmore for Bronycon I saw my friend/table compadre ChocoSouthParkStratosTaoistPonyStarLordXXxx6969 post this comic on Tumblr in which I am portrayed as an adorable pony with an art print bearing a character named Maude. I said to myself, "Gosh, what if I had one such print in the real world????????"

Well since my print guy left the day after me and was going to visit me there and deliver them in person, I thought I'd just give sleep the finger and crank out some sweet Maudulent creation just before sleeping in a bolt upright chair in the sky closely surrounded by vocally enthusiastic infants.

Bottom line, I forgot to upload the result. Here you go, it comes with a story.

My Little Pony copyright Hasbro
Also I think LucasFilms is somehow vaguely involved with Daring Do and all but it's just parody of a parody of an homage at this point.
Rocks copyright Maude
Cold and hard, so beautiful
Rock poems in haiku
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Daring's face that says "How did you know!?" I love it.
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Well, I'm sure some of the artifacts Daring Do collects are made of rock, just keep them away from Maud, we don't need someone eating ancient historical artifacts.
Mudkipzwillwin9's avatar
is this a sex joke
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I don't actually know. I was pretty tired when I made this, and it's been brought up....I genuinely have no clue what the joke is. Because she's archaeologist? I guess???
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Welp, I could see this happening.  Not quite sure why Daring Do is so surprised, though.
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This is great! I love it!
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And Maud is also fan of the Japanese version of MegaPony
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