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Yet Another PMD Comic - Cover

By Flavia-Elric
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Start: [link]


Chapter 1 Cover: [link]
Chapter 2 Cover: [link]
Chapter 3 Cover: [link]
Chapter 4 Cover: [link]
Chapter 5 Cover: [link]
Chapter 6 Cover: [link]
Chapter 7 Cover: [link]
Chapter 8 Cover: [link]
Chapter 9 Cover: [link]


1st cover: I lost it lol
2nd cover: [link]
3rd cover: [link]
4th cover: [link]
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^_< b 
Battledroidunit047's avatar
More like yet another "Yet another PMD Comic" cover! XP
TriDimensionalDVA's avatar
I like how this is actually true xD
comercole's avatar
this is even better.
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He is shrouded in light! He is the chosen one!

Nindroid47's avatar
He is going to bring balance to the force.
Sailop's avatar

Is this Star Wars now?

ShrunkenToy's avatar

Ok this is weird for some reason it showed this as a new thing u posted when it was in april

Flavia-Elric's avatar
I updated the drawing, that's why!
ShrunkenToy's avatar

Oh i thoughy i went craxy

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wolfywolf424Student Artist
So,who is his partner?
The-Chosen-Juan's avatar
Love the title, it rightfully makes me feel like a dumbass for trying to find new content in “what’s new” and instead clicking on yet another- uknow.
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JonnyAlwaysReadingHobbyist Digital Artist
Finally something to read :3
Lord-Siver's avatar
Lord-SiverHobbyist Digital Artist
Lux can stare right into someone's soul...

Sad I have no soul tho
RelixZonin's avatar
RelixZonin Digital Artist
Such a cute Eevee! You know how to draw cute eyes!
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Ryan-umbreonHobbyist General Artist
Soo can I ask why did u change the first cover, but not the others. Dont get me wrong I like both
Flavia-Elric's avatar
Tthe chapter covers are like pages, I won't touch them again, only if I need to fix something!
Battledroidunit047's avatar
I will admit this seems much more reasonable, and safe, than the previous one...
comercole's avatar
is this old or is this new?
Flavia-Elric's avatar
I changed the cover image, that's all!
comercole's avatar
but this looks like this is from April 10.
Flavia-Elric's avatar
I changed the image, the original post date will stay the same.
comercole's avatar
oh OK it looks nice!!!!
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