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Errand #6



Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

Fletcher: Hello! Can I ask a few questions?
Bronzor: Sure, why not?
Fletcher: First question! If I broke a watch, can you fix it?
Bronzor: Sorry, what?
Fletcher: I bet you like technology! You know how to fix it, right?
Bronzor: Should I know how..?
Fletcher: Ok, next question. Do you prefer nails or screws?
Bronzor: Wait, what is it supposed to mean?!
Fletcher: Don't you eat things like that?
Bronzor: NO!
Fletcher: Last question: What are your hobbies?
Bronzor: Well... I like to knit scarfs.
Fletcher: How do you do it without hands?
Bronzor: Actually, I can show you if you want..
Fletcher: Sure!!

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Knitting! I want to see the Bronzor do that! This is a really nice picture, especially the colours.