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Chapter 8 - Page 24

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TheBarredOneOnceMore General Artist

Love Paris' face at the end! :XD:

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DragonOfTheMistsHobbyist General Artist

...Did Silvia ever introduce herself? Because something seems to be up with Celebi, and I would have thought he would know her name by now...

(I can't figure out if the Bruxish is possessed or simply bait. Time will tell...)

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Besides not knowing, not using the real name can also mean two things: respect or distance. Most of the time it isn't clear which one is the case, so I leave it up to people to interpret it : D

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Part 1: Escape-complete

Part2: Free others

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don't blame paris for a key hole that was there from the beginning. blame paris for getting captured by axis powers. wait wrong paris, blame your paris for getting captured by the crab pokemons.

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Great page, as usual, but I get the feeling that you could need a beta Reader. :O
Or do you have one already?

I mean the first sentence is missing an "it"
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I don't have one, but I'm not sure who to ask either so I just wait to readers to point out xD

Yes, I missed it! Thanks.

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Usually when one needs a beta reader, you'd want somebody you're on good terms with that is familiar with American English and can trust to not spoil anybody as to what's coming up.

The thing is though if you recruit a beta reader, you need to get a buffer of comics made in advance. ^.^;;

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I'll probably just keep borrowing readers help, this comic is all over the place after all haha

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Well it worked so far, so why not :D
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SimplestLadHobbyist General Artist

god dammit paris

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