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CDC day 6/7 - Alt Skins

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SO. A long while ago on tumblr/twitter, I mentioned  that Bupsy is capable of ‘wearing’ people the same way he wears his mascot suit (yall saw a hint of that in the last HL round). Figured it was time to draw that! Even though I mostly draw Bup in his cutesy mascot look, he actually spends a solid 40-60% of his story masquerading as human. The, ah, previous owners of these skins obviously met some unfortunate demises.

The lady (’Maya’) is his favorite to be, but time and inexperience have led to a lot of decay and damage to the flesh. So he can really only pull it of if he’s not interacting too closely with other people. The older fella (’Jerry’) is…problematic for him to wear, because the former owner of the skin was murdered under mysterious (supernatural) circumstances that Bup was unaware of, which come back to haunt him. On the plus side: that guy had 1. no family/friends and 2. a sickass spot in the nearby trailer park, and Bupsy is so into being able have his own space outside the park. So it evens out!


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Vision: there is high hopes for a stand alone comic at hand... if you are planning that. with your time i guess.

Originality:i think the originality of this is one of nightmares (in a good way... let me explain). the idea of WEARing people is one i have never heard of and is one i wish to see expaned upon.

Technique:i love the way you have shaded...
also how you have drawn the decaying flesh is very well done and complements the shading. i also love the body shapes (or should i say poses... what sound less creepy), they look real but cartoony

Impact:i don't know how this will effect the HL tournament but i have high hopes for and expansion of this idea.
another thing...
pointy teeth and the wanting for you to join him/her in a secluded area is a cursed person with the in tensions of eating my (or your) flesh, got it