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June 30, 2011
although named EIGHT - Firefox start page, this deviation by ~flatmo1 is completely browser- and/or platform-independent. you use chrome, safari, opera, IE, konqueror (to name just a few) on whatever version of windows, linux or mac? don't worry. it just works flawlessly.

it is a nice, elegant, customizable and windows8 inspired start page alternative that is just waiting to be used by you.

(Suggested by ~viclou, ~Jace-Z and ~adityagautam)
Featured by OtisBee
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EIGHT - start page - UPDATE



  • HTML + CSS + jQuery start page for web browsers

  • inspired by Windows 8 screenshots

  • easy customizable - via WYSIWYG editor directly in browser

License changed to CC BY-ND 3.0 because of some users, which are sharing not working modifications of my work!

NEW: Support page with download, demo, instructions and FAQs - eight.kx.cz

thumbnails icons could be find here: Thumbnails for "EIGHT" by ~jeppethe

Update 1.8.2011:

- added WYSIWYG editor of config file - config.htm
- vertically centered screens
- fixed some small bugs in CSS and jQuery

Big update 28.6.2011:

- added ability to have more blocks with names and animated switch between blocks (by clicking, keyboard, mouse wheel)

Update 24.6.2011:

- compatible with Firefox 5.0, Chrome 12, Opera 11.50, IE8
- added ability to change search engine before searching

Update 15.6.2011:

- compatible with Firefox 4.0.1, Chrome 12, Opera 11.11, IE8
- added hover effect (can be used or not)
- custom search engine (google, bing, yahoo)
- settings stored in .js file - thanks ~custofreak for nice idea

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License
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Is there a way to set a link to open in another browser? 
I found this but cant get it to integrate into the Eight page 

e.g. - I use IE but want a link to open in chrome or firefox as the page renders incorrectly