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Tiny Birdy
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United States
I am a hobbyist, still working a normal 9to5. However, I won't let a little thing like life keep me down, as a tiny bird I will soar to new heights. Together with my husband, I am working on a dark fantasy comic project called "In the Shadow of the Ancients."

If you'd like to see more of my art, daily sketches, or the occasional selfie,
be sure to follow me on:
I was tagged by the wonderful, and sweet TheBrassGlass! She's great and I suggest everyone checks her out! (She also does great commissions)
1.) Post these short rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about one of your characters.
3.) Tag 8 people.
I've realized that I don't gush about any of my characters enough. In fact, I'd love to do this for all my cuties, but I will just choose one. Since she is the main character in my comic, and I haven't gone too in-depth about her, here are 8 facts about Laumé McGregor. (A quick side note: the acute-accent é at the end of her name is always supposed to be there, but you can't use that type of letter in the titles on DeviantArt, Booo!)

Staring Down a Beast by FlatAsABird

Laume Final Outfit Design by FlatAsABird

  1. Laumé started her life as a character in a tabletop roleplaying game. We used different systems for different plot threads and branches of the campaign, but she was originally a ranger in both Dungeons & Dragons and Dungeon World. She had an animal companion in those games, a pet bunny rabbit named Thomas. This is why you sometimes see older drawings of her with a bunny.
  2. She is a Pathfinder, and one of the few who remains. What is a Pathfinder? They're sort of cross between a monster hunter and an explorer. Very similar to rangers, in fact. She travels a lot and keeps people safe. She also takes on local odd jobs and monster slaying contracts to earn a living. It's a very dangerous job, and due to the state of the world, most either die young or become infected by the Blight.
  3. Her favored weapons are the longsword and flintlock pistol. She is proficient with multiple types of swords, and is quite deadly with the bow and arrow as well. Her pistol used to belong to her mother, and it fires a magical energy that is extremely effective against the monsters and demons of Da'Loya. It is a weapon created only for Pathfinders.
  4. The Church of the Living Flame wiped out Laumé's village when she was a teenager. As far as she knows, she has lost all of her family, friends, and compatriots. This is what drives her quest at the start of the comic. She's looking for the man who lead the assault on her village, in the hopes of getting justice, but she'll settle for revenge. She's also following a rumor that her mother may yet be alive but is imprisoned.
  5. Laumé is infected by the Blight. A supernatural infection spreads from the Abyss and consumes all living things, eventually mutating them into something demonic and monstrous. In Laumé's case, she's turning into a prowler. She has to cover up the signs of her infection because the general populace of Da'Loya is terrified of it. Those infected are vilified, ostracized, and generally shunned by all. The church actively hunts down the infected and burns them alive. Laumé's long term goal is to find a cure for her infection.
  6. Laumé is sort of religious, but follows the old pagan gods and traditions, rather than the Church of the Living Flame that has taken over her region of the world. Her job title and traditions stem directly from the god of the stars, Toryn, who was also known as the First Pathfinder. A common phrase of her people, one that Laumé says often, is: "May Toryn light your path."
  7. She has two older brothers. Her relationship is very strained with her eldest brother, Davin, who left their village after a nasty confrontation with their father. Their middle brother, Willem, was her best friend growing up. He originally trained alongside her to become a Pathfinder, but failed the trials. He joined the town guard, and was commonly found enjoying a drink at the local tavern with his little sister.
  8. Despite growing up with two brothers and being a tough monster hunter, Laumé is cute, sweet, and generally girly. It was very important to me in developing her that she retain some very feminine qualities, rather than just be a "dude with boobs."
That's eight basic facts about my main character. She's my absolute favorite, which I guess is really good since she's the main character. Not to say that i don't love all my other babies... Anyway...

To continue this, I tag:  riku-gurl, ThirdPersonSymphony, Hekate-Avesta, 13cupcakesLonelyLemonLion, TAMAnnoyingTevarro, and DeathBoii 
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