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kura for 7

this is kura. the last of it's kind. still don't know how the task bar looks. titlebar font is called Eth. wallpaper by someone. i suggest to remove the windows' blur effect before applying.
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How do u get far to look like that? =D
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Awesome job- the large font and the classic aesthetic is so great
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Nice shot.
You use another shell ?
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aye. powershell and some ahk scripts.
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You dont use menu for programs ?
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nice work
what's that black app behind xnview
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I like this theme a lot!
Very well done!
Thank you, flat-coke!
how did you remove the borders like in the screenshot?
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here's a great little app for that [link]
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Is there any way to move an application icon in the appbar (the top part of window, it's probably called windows caption?) a couple pixels to the right? That's very disgusting when an icon touches an empty space behind the window. The clean theme (borderless theme) is a perfect-looking decision, but the icon destroys all the beauty.
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you can use this great little utility :) [link]
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I had a happy heart attack, thank you, good wizard!
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Great looking theme, are there any navigation buttons to go along with it?
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so very clean and minimal. i like the idea of the lighter blue scroll bars :)
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