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Just some things about my next generation and after: you can make fan foals just put my username in the description please.

Requests are always open


I wish I could not speak sometimes.  Not that I hate talking to people but I said something to day at my school about a thought I had and I hate my self. if I never said anything I would be fine. I am going to stop talking. What is the point in telling you people this when I don't get response that much. Also I will not say what I said because I don't really want to do this but my minded thinks about it. 
for Wich One For new storm/ shadow (new name to) by flashwingfox
can people help me plz I need to choose. 

it is right now for the picture(I am including my self because I like it):

1: 3 
2: 0
3: 0
5: 1

for names(I am including my self because I like it):

1: 1
2: 2
3: 1
4: 2
8: 2
I am redoing Lucky Flower's story before going to Equestria. In the Journal because I am working on a picture to go with it.
I need help with Princess Bubble gum likes and dislikes and her relation ships (other then Midnight)
  Mlp Celestia pie - Princess Bubble gum by flashwingfox
how many should the mane 6 have? Other then Twilight and Luna are only going to have one.
ships for Nightmareveres (mane 6):

Twilight x Luna: Midnight Majesty

Pinkie x Celestia: Daydream, Bubble gum

Apple Jack x Starlight: Golden Apple,

Rainbow dash x Trixie: Firework Blaze,

Rarity x Sombra: Obsidian,

Fluttershy x discord: Fauna,

how many they have:

Twilight x Luna:  1

Pinkie x Celestia: 7

Apple Jack x Starlight: 5

Rainbow dash x Trixie: 6

Rarity x Sombra: 3

Fluttershy x discord: 4
I am just working on something with this new "standup table" I move my leg, then hit the cored to my headphones, the cored to the headphones go off the headphones not the phone. 
any story ideas so I can turn them in to story's. any thing I really don't care 
the story for my last part of Daybreakers return:


So after the talk with Celestia shield left and went to see were her other friends were. She was walking around she saw that the guards were on break. She then walked around and knocked on the doors. She knocked on her friends doors after finding. The first friend she found was Crystal then Melody, amethyst, Cheese Cake, and Storm cloud.

"why did you want us?" Storm said

"I wanted you so we can defeat Daybreaker." Shield said

"You know she just changed looks right?" Cheese Cake said

"Are you ponies blind?" shield said " you realize that her eyes changed colors

They all argued with Shield while walking in to one of the guest bed rooms. they then saw Daybreaker about to hit them. Shield made a shield to protect them. They started up the elements (why does that make me think, they started up the oven) and started to defeat her. Some of her magic escaped her and went in to Shields room where Celestia was. Celestia was free from her prison and ran into the room. they were close to defeating her, and they defeated her. Celestia then started up the spell to be one with her old self. Then Daybreaker proofed in to magic orbs flying around Celestia. They almost got to her but Crystal grabbed the orbs with her magic and they disappeared.

"you were trying to revive her weren't you?" Crystal growled in a low tone.

"n-n-no I was not Crystal" Celestia stuttered.

"hey leave her be, that is Celestia" shield said.

Crystal did not listen. Celestia ran to the balcony.

"you are cornered" Crystal said

Crystal shot Celestia off the balcony.

"before you get any ideas" she said

she shot her horn and started to fall off the balcony she saved her self with her magic.

"this is it, this is how I die" Celestia said (well firs I was an Aaicorn , now I am a unicorn, so what does that mean do I die or not die. well I will find out)

while all of this was happening shield opened her wings and flew as fast as she can to Celestia. she then flew back to the balcony and started to scolded crystal.

"You were not supposed to kill any pony, we were only here to defeat Daybreaker."shield said "also I was going to tell you that Celestia was not Daybreaker but we got in to the argument."

they got into an argument again. Celestia was under shields body coved by Shields wings. the argument ended with every one apologizing to every one. Shield stayed at the castle while the rest went to there parents.

(after the train ride to  back to ponyville)

"Mom, dad were back" the next gen mane 5 said

"well not everyone is back."  Twilight said

"she is at the castle still" Crystal said

"so what happened to my dear sister" Luna said

" so what happened is we got there then we talked to Daybreaker not realizing that was her and we thought that she was Celestia, well except for Shield, so then we had a break for a bit, we then Shield got us, she said that that was Daybreaker, we did not think it was her still, then we argued while walking in to a room witch Daybreaker was in, she almosed hit us with a beam of hers, we were defeating her then this random pony who we all  thought she was reviving her,  except for shield, we finaly defeated her, she busted in to magic that was going to the to the random pony, then Crystal got the magic going to the pony, she then started to hurt her, then they were on the balcony, she shot the pony off and cut her horn of, crystal fell of the balcony, while all this was happening Shield flew to the pony and landed on the balcony, she then said it was Celestia, we argued for a bit then said sorry to each other, then we came here." Cheese cake said (sorry it was one sentence I tried pinky when she talks a lot in one sentence)

they stood there for a moment and then went to  the train station they got on the train to the castle there was no talking to one another. they got to Canterlot. and went to the castle.

"hi shield" said Twilight she noticed that her wings were in front like she was protecting something.

noises came from behind the wings. they sounded familiar to Twilight

"can we see what is behind your wings?" said rainbow dash

"sorry Rainbow but I do not think so sorry." Shield said

they keeped asking and asking but Shield always said no.

note: While they were away Celestia said to not let the anyone see her
The next part of daybreaker's back (the name for the start of my next gen) is going to be a written one because they are all in the throne room. There is no base for that 
can some one give me something to do I am board
this picture is awesome
Happy Birthday FlashWingFox! by OffWhitePones
I can't thank you enough for this :iconoffwhitepones: . I just love it I don't have words an I am going to show my friend that I will see today this picture.   
ok i am doing a birthday QnA  with me and Shinning Shield so ask away 
so any ships (other then the student 6) for Ocellus 
my page is in work in progress for my icons
ok i am turning 15 on the tenth of this month why do I feel old even though I am not 
do you have any for the universes Facts about shieldveres and Relatevesres, some of them from me are :

(1-5 and 11-14) are me 

1 Shinning Shield went trough a drama faze as a teen (shieldveres

2 the third gen begins during the time of when Shield and Cheese cake are in the other universe (that is why shield is pregnant) (both veres)

3 Spike is an adopted brother of twilight while Flashwing (my oc) is a younger Half sister (twilight velvet and chrisy) (ShieldVeres)

4 the mane 6 next gen (other then shield) don't have any ships for them yet (SheildVeres)

5 Twilight and her friends will live for ever but in Relatevesres they do not ( both univeses)

(6-10) is from :iconcartoonfan154:

6 Shawn and pearl start to get a long as siblings and pearl is slowly getting along with her mom and dad (Relatevesres )

7 Cheesecake spent time with her parents in the relatevere (both vereses)

8 Sunset comes to visit Twilight & Starlight and she brings Sugar Cookie along with her so Sugar Cookie can meet Twilight & Starlight ( relatevere )

9 Nathan spent time with his parents in the Shieldvere (both vereses)

10 Shield gets rained on and she yells up at who she thinks is Storm Cloud (who is probrley Rainbow light or pearl,) (both vereses )

11 Shield's best friend from  relatevere is violet (both vereses)

12 if you look at the I wish pitcher you can see a face of that same pony in the pitcher frame (shieldveres)

13 After "fame and misfortune" Twilight stopped coming out of her home for awhile (shieldVeres)

14 shinning shield was born 30 before the next gen (shieldveres) 
this is where all the stories go for shieldveres

Stories With villains:
(they are a mix of pictures and journals. they will be at random times during the next gen they can be long or short depending on what I want do.)

Daybreaker's return:

Part 1: It Is The Begaining Of My Rain (part 1/7) by flashwingfox

Part 2: I Am Back Luna (part 2/7) by flashwingfox

Part 3: She Turned Evil (part 3/7) by flashwingfox

Part 4: The Plan (part 4/7)Part 1: 
Part 2:
Part 3:
meanwhile at the castle. (Celestia)
Celestia was there just waiting for her to be back to normal but then realized she might never be if Daybreaker is not defeated. she just looked around then DayBreaker shows back up and puts Celestia in a drawer. she sat there and lost hope.
Meanwhile at Twilight's Castle
"Ok girls what is the plan" Twilight said 
They sat there in silence for awhile. 
"well we can't do anything" Applejack said
"well we have to do something" Rainbow Dash said 
"Yes Rainbow but what can we do?" Fluttershy said
"I don't know" Rainbow said
"Mabey there is another elements of harmony that is on the tree on the other side of are harmony." Pinky Pie said
they all just sat there and stare at Pinkie. 
"Really? You Think that is going to happen."  Rainbow said
"Yep" Pinkie chirped 
"I think Pinkie is on to something." Twilight said
they go to

Part 5:  The new elements of harmony (part 5/7)Part 1: 
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4: 
"ok love"  Twilight said
They each grabbed the elements and went to the pony there element was. they all meet up with them.
"ok how did I get the element of magic?" Shiny crystal said
"well it is because your the best at magic." Shield said 
"so I have laughter" Cheese cake said "but I like to make ponies have fun not laugh."
"the elements can't be the same" Storm cloud said
"how ya know that storm."  Melody Apple said 
"They are not the same because were the next gen now." Storm said
"well at least they are beautiful" amethyst said
they were given Neckless and Crystal got a crown. Twilight told them that some thing happened to Celestia and they should get on the train to go there.  they got on the train and Shield felt that this was Celestia but not.
"I feel that who were facing is part of Celestia but is not Cele

Part 6:  They Will Be Fine (part 6/7) by flashwingfox
Part 7: Get Away You Daybreaker Helper (part 7/7) by flashwingfox

Relation Ships stories:
(they can be with a next gen and a next gen, the first gen and next gen, or first gen and first gen. they are always going to be in journals)

The First Friendship mission:  The Frist Friedship missoin (next gen)Shinning shield was talking to her best (marefried since high school) friend Apple song and when they saw there cute mark glow. They went to the castle and saw Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle,  Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie, Rarity, Bright mac jr, Crystal shy, Cheese cake, Storm cloud, and Amethyst. 
Shinning Shield: what all of us are going together? 
everyone nods 
Shinning Shield: where are we going? 
Twilight: looks like were going to the crystal empire
Shinning Shied: why the crystal empire?
Apple jack: I don't know.
They go to the train station and got on the train to the Crystal empire. 
*Outside the Crystal empire*
Pinkie Pie: what has happened to the station?
Fluttershy: I don't know.
they all go to the Empire and see Flurry Heart flying to the station. Flurry sees them and lands near them.
Flurry: hey
Shinning Shied: flurry what happened here
Flurry: *sighs* a war is happening
Everyone: WHAT
Flurry Heart


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