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United States
Just some things about my next generation and after: you can make fan foals just put my username in the description please.

Requests are always open


I am drawing not on a computer because it is not letting me use it 😭 I don’t like how I can’t control z anymore, because it is real life
So I might not posed any art today. My computer is not letting me do anything
just watched the newest reembrace and cried
I need help naming my next gen season one here is one name with episode names
Name for the first season:

a cry for help 

the idea of this season:

the first season is mostly about family and it relates to a character that's family, other then her favorite cousin and parents have a lot of negative form one of the siblings.


A Sibling's care Episode 1 and 2 

The love of Aunts and Uncles Episode 3

Family Fun Episode 3 

The family I wanted to be in... in Episode 4 

I don't have Episode 5

tears episode 6

My Family is messed up episode 7

confrontation episode 8

Oh I hope she will be ok episode 9 

looking back on childhood episode 10

trying to show I am in pain episode 11

Is no one thinking about my pain and suffering episode 12

what has my life come to episode 13

why me and my family episode 14

I can't tolerate this anymore episode 15

trying to talk things out episode 16

why has she put me though this suffering episode 17

I am done with her episode 18

you will all suffer episodes 19 and 20
Still at school and think it is snowing
anyone want to make me a Shinningdence foal? for me
Next gen Funfact: Flurry leaves her home to move to ponyville with her aunts, uncle and her older cousins at 13 
people I need a name for  My New Mane Oc (needs a name) by flashwingfox can you plz help me
well 40 wacheres yay (maybe doing something for it idk)
so imagine this:

you are a half unicorn/dog and your put in to this family of unicorns that think your just a puppy (before the horn comes out), in that family the mom is Twilight Velvet and the dad is Night Light, there are two kids that they had Shinning armor and Starlight Glimmer. A month later your horn shows up and earlier that same month Starlight Glimmer comes home and has a dragon and she named it Spike. Years later your still alive and you are dragged along to ponyville for the summer solutes (what ever it is called). Your owner meats 5 ponies and become instantly best friends, but they all bully you. While you are mute and are already have  all that happiness  and joy taken out of you because of all the bulling back home. 

that is basically my new au for twilight sparkle (I have made twilight suffer first shieldveres and now this *facepalms*)
Me: going to work hard on my Twishy Sentry

*blatter start to decline while my mouth is dry*

Me: 😡😡😡😡😡
btw for these  wip 

  Twishy Senrtry family portrait wip 2 by flashwingfox
Twishy Senrtry family portrait wip by flashwingfox

they are going to have 30 kids and one is a half sibling
For the people that are in the states like me happy thanksgiving
Should I do a contest for shieldveres?
* is slowly dyeing because of how much work it requires to think and do all of 6 ships in one note (I am using notepad)*

btw I have started on two *reeee*
Edit: I am just coming up with this on the spot for this part

the first part of how Twishy Sentry came to be/ had their first kids/ and finaly got married:    After the firs EG movie the mane 6 stated in the empire for awhile. During that time Flash had some time off of guard duty so he spent time in the castle library. Twilight and Fluttershy where going in to  read some books about what they like. When they waked in Flash was reading a book and both of there wings went up because of how cute Flash while he was reading. Flash did not notice, the two ponies clam down. Twilight got a book about magic.  Fluttershy just skimmed around the books till she found a mystery novel. The two sat down and read their books; they where close to Flash. Fluttershy started shivering and both flash and Twilight could tell that she was shivering. Flash asked what was wrong and Fluttershy did not responded. Flash asked Twilight if she knows what is wrong. Twilight said she was reading a mystery novel. Flash got up and sat next to Fluttershy and put one of his wings around her, Twilight did two. Twilight and Flash clamed down Fluttershy and Twilight took the book and put it back on the shelf.
1 sorry if I am spamming you people that watch me with this

2 sorry if the last status update seemed rude I am not in a rush or anything sorry about that.
    It was a beautiful day in Equestria, everything was right with the world, but then it went "dark" for a minute, and then peaceful again. This did not happened in just a instent, only for a few hours it took years for this one poor soul, who silent blamed them self for the pain that had caused their sister to turn it to a rude pony who did not let her sister raise the sun. The poor soul was Celestia, but she was not the only pony suffering in the story, the other was Shinning Shied, she was loved by many, but her life was starting to break day by day and year by year. All because of one death, her grandmother Twilight Velvet, and her Twin sister Garrison's sorrow, that all happened 6 years ago. But it is a week before the next gen to truly began. 

11:00 A.M., day before coronation, Canterlot: 

"How about this princesses?"  rarity asked Celestia

"I love it" Celestia said while trying to sound as happy about it as possible

Celestia took the dress off, she was not going to need it till tomorrow morning at 10:30 A.M. She went to the garden to reflect on her life. she sat down and meditated everday at 11:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.  In the middle of her Meditation a metro hits in the Everfree forest. She stops gets up and fly's to Ponyville

11:10 A.M. - 11:10 A.M., day before coronation, Ponyville/Everfree forest:

*metro crashes in the forest near by*

Shinning Shield, Kaleidoscope, Blaze Glimmer, Cheese cake, Golden Tunes, and Ruby Rose hear it and go to the forest.

" Can you not run that fast, I am the shortest in the group" she said while panting

while she said that her boyfriend came and scared her. (note she was forced it to this relation ship, also this is one of her sisters "ex friend" )


" One stop yelling and two this is dangers" he said while trying to pick up her and bring her back. 

*he get hit in the face with one of her wings*

" I can do whatever I want." Shield said angrily, while stating to fly up to see where the metro hit, spotted it and started flying fast. 

*all of them started to follow*

"wow I thout she would be nicer to me since I am her Boyfrined." her boyfriend says while walking in to the Forest

"shut up, your the rude one anyway" Ruby mumbles very quietly to her self.

11: 38 A.M - 12:00 A.M., day before coronation, Everfree:

*they see Shield and some gems on the metro*

"This is it, I was right something is going to happen, but who is it going to turn? Wait witch is mine?" shield continued talking to her self and fond her element and took it with her magic.

"why did you do that?" Golden Tunes said

"Put that back, now" her boyfriend said walking to her

"why would I, we need these, there the new elements." she continues "this is our elements, since we are the offspring of some the school of friendships Principle, teachers, and consular. Also I know this stuff because my aunt Nymph aka Flashwingfox to the people reading this." she said  sensesing that people are reading this story.

*All of them stared at her*  

12:00 day before coronation, Ponyville:

*after explaining the situation and grabbing all the Elements they walk out of the forest and see Celestia*

"Good afternoon Princesses" Shield said to Celestia

"What happened here, I heared an explosion, did it hurt anyone?" Celestia said while looking around

"It was in the Everfree Forest, it had the new elements. so I am guessing something bad is going to happen." Shield exclaimed

*Shield explained everything and Celestia when off*

5:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M, day of coronation, Canterlot:

Celestia raised the sun and got ready for the morning. She went to the kitchen to make some coffee. She turned around while talking to a chef while a sneaky changeling put some "evil mix" in her coffee. she drank but did not turn into daybreaker. While Luna went to take a nap before the ceremony, she went into the kitchen and felt that something was wrong with the coffee, her sis left she dumped out the Coffee and went to bed.

8:00 A.M - 8:40 A.M., day of coronation, Canterlot/Ponyville:

It had been a few hours since Celestia had Coffee. She started to feel something in her stomach and right as it got worse she turned it to Daybreaker. in ponyville Shield could since it happening and got her friends and the elements. They got on the train to Canterlot.  They got off the train, walked to the Castle.

8:40 A.M - 9:30 A.M Cantorlot:

"Why us?" Golden Tunes said 

"You don't relies the colors on the Elements are around are colors?" Shield said opening the door 

"Well why us, why not are parents?" Cheese cake said while they walked in

"Because where the only ones that show a lot of the Traits that these new elements need." Shield said 

*they got to the throne room door and Shield turns around* 

"ok you have this element" Shield says levitating over the new Element of magic

"But your the Princesses of Friendships daughter so you should be the Elem-"  Blaze says while getting interrupted

"No, well yes but not in the same since, out of all of us you show more of it then me" Shield says going to

*they go inside while the first element turns into a crown* 

"Well, well, well, you think you can stop me" Daybreaker says 

"Uh yeah where going to kick your but" Kaleidoscope said 

*while she said that Shield levitated over her element of courage it turned in to a necklace*

"Oh really? Cake come on you love to hang with me." Daybreaker said knowing she was an element

" Why would I hang with some one who can be defeated easily by a changeling. pulse I love my own friends." Cheese Cake said angrily

*her Element was levitated over and to her she was the element of loyalty*

"going to ask how did you turn evil?" Ruby Rose asked

"Well I don't know but do I care, no I care about ruling this place" 

"On my Best Friends Coronation no thank you. If you don't know then how are you evil, that is the way it works" she said Speaking the truth.

*element turned in to a necklace and her element was Truthfulness*

"I am going to give you a hard buck in the face" Golden tunes said ran and tried to bucked her 

*he was given the necklace and is element of aggressive*

"while I am going to help my friends and be the element of Helpfulness" Shield said while her necklace came on

"ha you can't stop me"  Daybreaker said 

"Well your wrong" Blaze said as the elements started to zap her

*they zapped her and she became a Pegasus, Golden tunes ran up to her and tried to hurt her but shield flew up and stood in front of her*

"let me at her" Golden tunes said

"No because she did nothing wrong life happens, she did not even try to hurt us" shield said

"yeah, because I still had a little control"  Celestia says while almost passing out 

*Luna walks in*

"It was the coffee my dear sister drank, it seemed to be an evil powder. Or something like that" Luna continued "Probably one of the Chefs or guards did it. Soon the coronation is going to happen, go get ready so I can talk to my dear sister"

The ponies leave and Celestia and Luna talk a bit. Celestia finaly passes out and Luna takes her to her bed room.

Luna announced that the Coronation would be a week later, meaning it would start my next gen one the first day of spring


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I like them so much they are much better then I would do.  I will use them. 
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