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The Guardian

By FlashW
Artwork for myself. Practising drawing fantasy scenes. ^_^
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Silver-Zabrak's avatar
Beautiful! I would love to have such a powerful & gentle guardian. :)
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
You really did make the dragon look both benevolent AND powerful here--she's gigantic, yet seems gentle with her relaxed posture; that smile is almost motherly.

Nice work.
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Oh my...I'm not sure how I'd react to being a sailor and looking up to see a mountain-sized dragon.
BurningAshDragon's avatar
That's very beautiful!
eime-leen's avatar
Interesting contrast between the red sky and the green grass. I do wonder why the sky is red. Of course the dragon is amazing! :heart: Hope he didn't destroy any houses, seems like a nice dragon. xD
Kate-Capaill's avatar
You're undeniably amazing! A very large dragon, transpires such beauty,a hint of delicacy impossible ... do not give in to comment
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AdrianosArt's avatar
This is really amazing, and a fantastic sense of scale. I can't imagine the horror of visitors who weren't told about this! :giggle: Great job painting those scales, by the way! I like how some of them are implied. I just love the texture of everything too.
Meliora21's avatar
Потрясающий рисунок и дракон такой добрый, добрый получился. Сразу фильм вспомнился "Сердце Дракона" =)
FlashW's avatar
Спасибо большое. ^_^
wingwolfly's avatar
rainpeltkitty's avatar
Absolutely amazing
DragonicShadow's avatar
Awesome!  I love the detail and how big the dragon is. ^^
KunYKA's avatar
Видно что добрый ящер:-)
Sachishiro's avatar
Такой взгляд у дракончика добрый!!
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youmeandlokid's avatar
wonderful concept , wonderful execution ^^
SolarLugia's avatar
Aww! What a sweet, pretty scene!
kingdragon01's avatar
Kelly4321's avatar
That's really awesome...Definitely going to watch you! :D
dilosan1's avatar
Nice imagination
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