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After a long time by flashsparklee After a long time :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 15 3 Winkie by flashsparklee Winkie :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 6 2 Floaty relax by flashsparklee Floaty relax :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 3 1 Teenager dayzzzz by flashsparklee Teenager dayzzzz :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 6 8 Love by flashsparklee Love :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 2 3 Shading Blade by flashsparklee Shading Blade :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 2 0 Magical night by flashsparklee Magical night :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 9 6 An happy walk by flashsparklee An happy walk :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 3 1 The soapy lake by flashsparklee The soapy lake :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 17 49 The Light in the cave by flashsparklee The Light in the cave :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 3 7 Light floating in his magic bubble by flashsparklee Light floating in his magic bubble :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 13 7 Light by flashsparklee Light :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 2 2 Lights cutie mark by flashsparklee Lights cutie mark :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 7 1 Light by flashsparklee Light :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 5 13 Light x Moondancer by flashsparklee Light x Moondancer :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 4 3 My OC Light by flashsparklee My OC Light :iconflashsparklee:flashsparklee 12 5


Inflation of Light (instagram request) by BlaueSeele Inflation of Light (instagram request) :iconblaueseele:BlaueSeele 41 2
Haunted Town Discord Group Roleplay
Delmont is a charming town in Maine with some rather interesting characteristics. It’s been considered a paranormal hotspot for many years, a portion of the hauntings being sparked from a devious satanic cult that operated throughout the 17th century and had a brief revival in the 1980s. These phantoms are somewhat of a town mascot and source of pride for the locals. While many doubt the ghost’s existence, they have become a very marketable symbol for the town and its residents. The supernatural aspects of the town have always been very subtle, rearranged signs, missing watering cans, repositioned scarecrows, and mild vandalism. Few have claimed to hear voices or moved objects in some of their ‘ghostly’ locations but it is believed to be a hoax. Most chalk anything unusual up to the activity of the local teenagers.
Recently, the bizarre activity of Delmont has taken a darker turn. Unusual weather patterns, stranger animal tracks, and disappearances have become c
:iconskittlewit:SkittleWit 8 12
Children of the Night - Mlp Au by SugaryIceCreamMlp Children of the Night - Mlp Au :iconsugaryicecreammlp:SugaryIceCreamMlp 113 28 Midnight Puff by TVideshow Midnight Puff :icontvideshow:TVideshow 24 12 Blimpy Light by TVideshow Blimpy Light :icontvideshow:TVideshow 15 0 Hot Boxed (page 3) by Mafiles50 Hot Boxed (page 3) :iconmafiles50:Mafiles50 18 1 Miiverse Doodle| Ruby the Balloon Diancie. by Eeveeboss Miiverse Doodle| Ruby the Balloon Diancie. :iconeeveeboss:Eeveeboss 19 357
Request n' News!
(5/17/18) NEWS UPDATE: Here we are again, days of waiting and working with nothing to show for it. I tried, I did, but I have a bad habit of promising the world and then I can't deliver. So instead, this is what is gonna go down.
-Requests are just requests, they are optional to me, if I don't want to drawn them then that's the end of it no matter how many times you pester and message me about it.
-RPs are gonna slow down, I only have a few hours to myself anymore and I may take breaks from them until I have the drive to reply.
-Commissions are also slowing down due to lack of interest and lack of time.
I'm gonna be honest with reality and not bet on hope to pull me through. So yeah, more art is coming though, so don't unwatch just yet I know a few of you out there will really like what I have in the near future.~
Like what I do? please support me on Patreon!
:iconbilly2345:billy2345 2 12
Bubble training by BladeDragoon7575 Bubble training :iconbladedragoon7575:BladeDragoon7575 53 5 Ball Pony BFFs by MistressCelestia Ball Pony BFFs :iconmistresscelestia:MistressCelestia 128 3 Found silk by billy2345 Found silk :iconbilly2345:billy2345 28 3 [COMM] Late to the Party by PyrisaMiracles [COMM] Late to the Party :iconpyrisamiracles:PyrisaMiracles 70 17 [COMM] Miraculous Genies by PyrisaMiracles [COMM] Miraculous Genies :iconpyrisamiracles:PyrisaMiracles 59 16 Eager transformation by billy2345 Eager transformation :iconbilly2345:billy2345 21 12 Mesmerizing colors by BladeDragoon7575 Mesmerizing colors :iconbladedragoon7575:BladeDragoon7575 47 6 Melon Splash reference sheet by BladeDragoon7575 Melon Splash reference sheet :iconbladedragoon7575:BladeDragoon7575 21 2


After a long time
Light and Gwen is really close friends! Gwen and Light is also really really different as well! Gwen is a witch and does alot of witch carft and such! She loves to capture ponies, most Light, to test spells and potions on them that can give different effects, maybe even a balloon?
*winks* What a lovly and warm day!
Whoah.. Its pretty hot today.. geez.. i diden't know Norway could be that warm
Floaty relax
I made this art a while ago after :iconBladeDragon7575: teached me How to make bubble effects! So i at least wanted to try xD and the idea of a magic bubble came from a rp i did with :iconcyberapple456: i soonly found out that it wasen't her idea, but another one of My friends!
Please go and watch the amazing :iconcryptothechangeling1: he made this amazing idea and i really love it! If your ever going to make art with a magic bubble, give him the credit, Its his idea.
This is something My little beautie made for me! She is on Insta and She is so nice! Love her so much!❤️ here we have her OC Moon Dancer with Light
I now have opened art trades! If you want to do an art trade with me, let me know! I would be really happy too!


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Comming soon....


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BlaueSeele Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I do not know if you knew but the instagram request is already in my DA.
LXC808 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hello!! Do you like my arts??
flashsparklee Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018
Hey! And Yeah! I totaly love your arts alot!! It’s amazing!
LXC808 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Thank yoU.
flashsparklee Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018
Anytime!! If you want to talk or something you can send me a note anytime! :3
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happy Birthday ^^
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Happy birthday ^^
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Just saw that you follow me, and are also someone that enjoys the work of :iconspartly:

I also gotta say, you have some nice work, so have my watch.
BlaueSeele Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hi Flashsparklee.
flashsparklee Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
Hey inflatiii
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