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Under your spell (SciFlash Halloween 2021) by Ro994
MLP G5 Theory: Hitch's AncestorsWARNING: This journal contains spoilers for the movie "My Little Pony: A New Generation", so if you haven't watched it yet, I advice reading this after you do! Thanks <3, ,, ,, I am by NO means a theorist, and I RARELY come up with my own theories for shows or films I watch. Also, by the time I'm writing this, I've only watched the new movie twice. So please forgive me if this isn't super-duper in depth or if it has any "holes" or whatever. This is mostly a fun thought I had that I wanted to get off my chest. I was just going to post this in a Twitter thread, but the format made it too annoying to redact, so I figured it would be easier like this.Okay, to get this out of the way: What were my thoughts on the new My Little Pony movie? I really loved it tbh! The animation was gorgeous, I really liked and connected with the new characters, and got really invested in the story! It diiiiiiid leave me with a TON of questions, especially if we take into consideration that this is pretty much meant to be the same Equestria as in G4... BUT that's a discussion for another day! I overall really enjoyed this film and I can't wait to see more of this new cast of horses.My favorite character in the movie BY FAR was Hitch Trailblazer (COUGH new horsebando COUGH). This is not only because he was super cute and OH MY GOSH FINALLY A BOY IS A MAIN CHARACTER IN MLP! But I also feel like, out of the new Mane 5, he was the one who went through the biggest character development throughout the movie. I really could write a whole essay about how great he was and about a hundred other small things about his character that I love, BUT that is ANOTHER discussion for ANOTHER another day!What I'm here to talk about today is a thought that I am CONFIDENT that I wasn't the only one to have while watching the movie, but I wanted to write down anyways because I still don't know if it's been widely discussed, and I wanted to lay down the bits of evidence I could find for it:Is Hitch Trailblazer a descendant of both Flash Sentry and Fluttershy?,NOW I know what some might be thinking, and I'll address it right away: NO, this does NOT mean I believe Flash and Fluttershy had kids together! If you, reading this, want to make that part of your personal headcanon... go ahead I guess, but I just want to clarify that it is NOT part of mine!Let's not forget that this movie takes place several generations after 'Friendship is Magic' ended enough of them that the Mane 6 are now seen as mere legends. Therefore, both of these bloodlines could've been combined at anytime in between. Say, maybe Flash's great-great-grandson and Flutteshy's great-great-granddaughter met and fell in love and formed a family, for example. Who did these two G4 characters formed a family with, then? That's not really relevant to this theory, so I'll leave that to each of your interpretations (though if you know me, you certainly must know who I personally believe the respective boos of each of them were ).Or heck, it doesn't even have to be Flash and Fluttershy specifically. Maybe he's the great great (...) great grandson of Zephyr Breeze, or First Base, or some cousin either of them have. Point is, I believe if we go way way up Hitch's family tree, we will eventually find these two ponies as part of his past relatives.As you probably must have guessed, this theory is based on the great amount of similarities that Hitch shares with Flash, Fluttershy, and the respective families of each of them. I'm sure several Sentry fans such as myself will agree, it was hard not to think of our blue-haired boy while watching Hitch in this movie. And for good reason.Sentry traits:- Similar appearance and coloration (orange coat, blue-ish mane with spiky tendencies, slender and athletic built)- Chivalrous, brave, and helpful personality- Very charismatic, ponies feel comfortable around him- Shield cutie mark. Shields in MLP can be quickly associated with both Flashes, Sentry and Magnus, who, while I know it's not confirmed in canon, I think we can all agree at this point is very likely an ancestor of Flash Sentry.- Opted for a job in which he could protect other ponies (much like a guard or a warrior would do in the past, wink wink)- Great looks! (let's face it, these ponies have some QUALITY genes, they're gorgeous ;D),Shy traits:- Okay, this one is MOSTLY the big one: his animal magnetism. He can talk to and understand animals, and critters feel safe around him. This trait, in the previous pony gen, was VERY characteristic of Fluttershy. And the fact that Hitch clearly states that he can't control this skill (and doesn't do it on purpose, at least initially) very much leads me to believe that this "superpower" of his must be genetic. Inherited, if you will ;)- Hitch is also, notably, someone very kind and caring to those around him, specially his friends. And who more kind and caring than the Element of Kindness herself?- Most of the time, and most notably when he was a colt playing with Sunny and Sprout, he wishes to avoid conflict as much as he can and just wants things to be smooth and for others to be content. Remind you of somepony?- I already pointed out that his looks are very much those of the Sentry lineage, but it doesn't hurt that Fluttershy's family members also present several aqua and yellow hues.,And another thing some of you might be wondering: These are both (as far as we've seen) exclusively pegasus bloodlines. If this theory is true, how did they end up with an earth pony descendant?The answer's not that complicated. While we don't know exactly when this big species division occurred, the fact that ponies don't even remember names as big as Princess Celestia or Twilight Sparkle, paired with seemingly all the cities having different names and geography now than the ones we saw in the previous series, makes it easy to assume that it's been, at the very least, a couple of centuries. That gives us more than enough time to have one, two, and possibly more generations where all the pony nations lived together in harmony before the Fire Nation attack-- err, before they all divided. Therefore, there could've been several earth ponies "thrown into the mix", so to speak, and paired with Flash's and Fluttershy's closer descendants. And I don't know how pony genetics work (does anyone? /shrug), but maybe just maybe, the earth genes could be the dominant ones over those of a pegasus, hence, the lineage eventually could've turned into earth ponies exclusively, or enough of them that Hitch's family could've moved to the earth pony land once the pony species got separated, presumably a couple of generations before Argyle's time.Does Hitch still carry the P chromosone in him? If he eventually has kids of his own, could one or more of them potentially be of the winged variety? If that's the case, it's certainly a good thing that all ponykind came together before that happenned. Otherwise, imagine the horror Hitch and all of the town would've felt if one of their own gave birth to a "monstrous" pegasus all of the sudden. That would've been chaotic. So yes, like I said at the beginning, this is by no means meant to be a perfect or a flawless theory, but it was something fun to think about, and if you hadn't considered this before and would like to add it to your personal headcanons, go ahead! Just remember where you got the idea from. No promises, I might do another journal in a few days delving more deep into my thoughts about the movie, the characters, and just my opinions about this new pony generation in general, because there is A LOT to talk about, I think.Now I feel like I'm obligated to close this with:BUT HEY! That's just a theory! A PONY THEORY!Ro out....
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Greetings Senturions!

I hope everyone's doing okay with the recent pandemic. I found a remix of Cheer You On Dubstep by Ice Angel on EquestriaDaily, and wanted to share it with the rest of the group.

You can check it out in the clip below.

Stay healthy!…
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