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January 6, 2012 by *flashparade is fun and whimsical, one of my favourite pieces from this artist. If you haven't had a peek at her gallery, it's a must!
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Suggested by jcroxas
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Phew, this took way longer than I wanted, mostly because I couldn't decide on line colors and the background. So anyway, I'm very happy with this piece, I think it's one of the few pieces that turned out pretty much the way I had envisioned it. I think it's one of my best vectors to date, so now I just have to keep getting better lol ;P

100% vector
Program used: Adobe Illustrator CS3
Tools used: Pen tool, gradients
Layers: 1
Image details
Image size
533x800px 241.95 KB
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joeltonongkh's avatar
Splendidly executed. Love this.
weknow's avatar
deserve get dd
lululetti's avatar
Super duper cuteness :)
YukiYuko's avatar
so amazing!!!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Really beautiful! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Its very whimsical. I like it!
ambou's avatar
calgarc's avatar
love the colours and love what you did with the lips
Inpsydout's avatar
Detailed vector artwork is very entertaining isn't it? :D I love it! :D
flashparade's avatar
I just love vector, and it's about the only thing I can do!
DarkKyubbi's avatar
This picture makes me happy. :)
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Delightful work =D
SweetLeggy's avatar
heh.. reminds me of that one album by ween. : P
flashparade's avatar
album by ween, I'm gonna have to look that up
Peaceful-Child's avatar
Cool pic! Congrats on the DD!
Peaceful-Child's avatar
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