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My six year old niece was staying with us for a few days and she rented the first season of She-Ra. I of course jumped at the chance to watch them with her, and the minute we started watching them all I wanted to do was draw She-Ra.
I'm debating now as to whether or not I want to do more of the characters from the show, some of the designs are really cool, or maybe do a series of 80's cartoon girls ( like Jem, maybe April O'Neil, umm, the girl from Thundercats?)
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Beautiful . great work
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daaaamn, i loved her when i was small :heart:
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Awesome!! God, I love She Ra so much!
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I love it! pick Jem! "we are the misfits are songs are better. we are the misfits and we're going get her!"
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I would love to do a Jem one!
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you have to do one. I would love to see it!
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<3 <3 <3!!
oh i love this, do more!
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Wow!! Wish I had a better comment!! Thanks
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Omg, I love love LOVE this! ^_^
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Nice work! :) I really miss the 80s cartoons. Netflix helps. :D But not all of them are out on DVD yet, unfortunately.
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It's hard around here to find some of my fave cartoons, I usually end up getting my sis to find 'em, she's good at it.
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so cool)
reminds me of my childhood)
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awesome, I had a ton of fun doing this piece, it soo brought me back to my childhood!
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Your girls are awesome - a series of 80's girls would be great!
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You should totally draw chibi Skeletor, or a sexy chibi Evil Lyn.
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I have a Shadow Weaver already drawn, though I never colored her, I wanted to do a whole series of characters like Evil Lyn and the Sorceress, but who knows if I'll ever get to it!
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