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Practice Makes Perfect

Twilight Sparkle:  “Hi Flash.  I was reading a book about relationships but I need somepony to practice with.  Will you help me?”

Flash Sentry:  “Can a Pegasus fly?!  Of course I’ll help!”

Twilight Sparkle:  “Am I any good at kissing?  I followed all the instructions.”

Flash Sentry: “The best ever!  I mean…  Maybe you could use a little more practice…

I Love You by flashlighthouse   Flash gets lucky.

Shameless Fan Club Promotion by flashlighthouse  Flash gets REALLY lucky.

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic remains the property of Hasbro.  Image vectored from original drawing.

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shining look twilight and flash! first he be mad like all big brother want protect he little sister but cadence say if she be ave big brother he will mad on you stop you and me to be togeter! shining start to think of this for 2 minute! say ok but i will make him work harder for he become the captien of the royal guard of my little sister! i can't be 24 houre to protect twilight! plus i mose protect you and crystal empire! cadence say to him is a great desition but dont go too hard on him! twilight will be mad if broke her love for be over protector! yes you protect her as a filly but now she a mare and more powerfull then she look! well in magic! shining say what you tell me make think if got a big brother or big sister will be over protect like me but mom will mad on me if fond i try stop twilight fond love! cadence say love is the next step of friendship and twilight will learn with him! oh by the way do you know flash is a big brother? shining say no? cadence say his little brother is a eath pony name first base! him live in ponyville with his mom and dad! shining say yeah flash say to me his dad is a unicorn but his grandfarther is a eath pony and grandmother is a unicorn! in the side of his dad! but in the side of his mom she a pegasus and grand mother is a eath pony and grand father is a pegasus! cadence say well one day mom and dad will to know flash! night light say i know and why this stallion be close to my little princess? velvet say honey let them alone dont you see she happy! my little baby fond love awwwww! this make me think of owrn first date! night light say yeah but you dont kiss like this! velvet say you are jalouse i can fixe this( she junp on him and start to kiss him like her dauther!) shining say well we better let them all alone for now! velvet say yeah but next week we will got a family dinner!
shining say you say this for you want know the stallion with twilight! yay! you and your face i ship it! oh come on cadence to!.....wait WHAT!? Princess Celestia and Princess Luna do the face i ship it!...oh come on give me a breake! discord say well you mose look the face of her friends! shining look and see the cmc and twilight gang do the face i ship it! shining say ...............i give up do what you want! shining turn around and see the captien of the wonder bolt do the face of i ship it! shining say OH COME ON! is me or is viral!
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XDDD I love this!!!!
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Flash will be dizzy after being kissed.  :aww: 
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Adorable here. These two belong together.
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Kissing marks but the character who kisses was not using lipstick, a great cartoon cliche

Nice work with the art BTW
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Twilight looked weird with lipstick.  And if you watch "The Secret of My Excess" Rarity isn't wearing lipstick when she plants a kiss on Spike.

And thank you.  :D
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Well, the more you know what's gonna follow these two eventually. XDDD

Cute drawing, love this.
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The best way to learn is by doing...
i guess twilight gotten into rarity's lipstick
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Wow!!!! Very Great and Excellent Job on this! I really love this, I really do, thank you so much friend! Yep! :thumbsup: =D
Not very big on twiflash but this is good
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Awwwwwwww...     Now that is really, really HOT and SEXY!!!!
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That was interesting idea Twilight.
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