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Howdy! Welcome to my dA! I'm not too big into drawing myself, but I love to create worlds inside my head (does that count?). Don't be afraid to poke at me, I'm usually around to speak to everyone.

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            It is told that in the vast area of no Pearling’s land between the freshwater and saltwater kingdoms, there lies a humongous, spiky nautilus shell that houses a crazed saltwater Pearling. Rumor has it, the madman can make a Pearling’s dream come true. Unlike other noted areas within the kingdoms, this area is extraordinarily dark. Despite the lack of light in the area, you are still capable of locating it.

    As you approach the entrance to the jurassic-sized shell, said Pearling of rumors bolts out of the shell and stops only a few inches away from your face. It was almost as if she knew… From the short distance that she is from you, you can see the lunacy in her eyes past her bone mask. “OH! Why, HELlooooo there~! What brings you out here to the middle of nowhere?” As you go to say something, she interrupts you by putting her hooves on your cheeks to hold your face and speaks above you. “Ahahah! No speaking! Let me guess? You would me to make your greatest dreams come true, right? Well, you’re in luck, tadpole, I’ve got exactly what you need…” She whispers the following into your ear before ripping you back into her home: “ long as you’ve got the ingredients needed…”

    As the masked figure rips you into her nautilus shell of a home, everything goes dark for a few seconds. Then, suddenly, the room “tunnels” of the huge shell are dimly lit by the bioluminescent markings of the witch doctor that is dragging you along. As she pulls you deeper into the shell, with no way of countering her strength nor momentum, the walls begin to get very gradually closer together. Not only are they slowly approaching, but the water seems to be littered by floating syringes that you manage to dodge by straightening yourself out, so you take up as little room as possible. You notice that at the pinnacle of each swirl and on the mounted shelves on the walls, that there are jars of ingredients that you have never even heard of nor seen before. You’re slightly taken aback by the mass of “hidden” materials this crazy lady owns.

    As you reach the center of the shell, where the walls have reached a point where there is just about enough room for two Pearlings to be side-by-side with their opposite shoulders to be touching the walls, you notice this area of the shell is far more organized then the other parts of the shell. However, just as you were calming yourself down, the witch doctor comes to a screeching halt. In one swift move following her braking, she swings you over her head and slams you onto a table before strapping in all your hooves and your tail. It’s almost surprising as to how quickly she strapped you down with leather straps with buckles.

    After bounding you down, she gets up into your face again and begins to speak again. “So… what was it that you brought me that you oh-so desire to become? Hmm?” She questions as she takes the small sack that you are holding in your hoof out of it and takes out the comb jellyfish that was hardly struggling in the bag of yours. The orange-eyed individual seems to smirk pass her mask as she grabs a hold of the jellyfish – carefully, of course, “You just get comfortable, dear. This is going to take a hot minute to melt down and brew up.” With the jellyfish in hoof, she darts off into the blackness and around the corner, her bioluminescence going out of sight.

    Now, it’s just you in a very dimly lit room with very little actually being present within the room itself. “Well… This blows,” You think to yourself as you rapidly get bored of the current situation and how long it’s taking for your mernapper to get back to you. Throughout the couple minutes that the brown abyssal is away, you can hear some weird noises; clanging, scraping, squishing, slurping, the whole nine yards. Finally, after what seems like an hour of suspense, but is actually only 5 minutes, the witch doctor comes back over.

    “Oh? This,” she addresses the syringe in her hoof with a black colored liquid in it, “this is your dream! You want to be an abyssal, honey, right?” For once, she seems to give you a chance to respond. You can feel your heart racing as you nod your head in agreement. You don’t dare utter a word considering how she has been every time you previously attempted to say something. “Good. And even better that you’re learning,” she then gets right up in front of you again and lines up the needle with one of the veins in your antecubital fossa, “I’m going to count down from three and when I reach one, I’m going to stick it in and inject it, okay?” She seemed to sound sweet, but the lunacy in her eyes says otherwise. You hear the number three, and then a sharp pain throughout your body, followed by nothing.

    You seemed to have gone unconscious. However, despite your lack of consciousness, you don’t feel particularly in pain. If anything, you feel rather serene. Tranquil, even. You sleep right on through… whatever is going on in the madhouse.

    Eventually, you regain consciousness still on the table and the room is dimly lit, but that lady is nowhere in sight. “How odd…” You look around and almost immediately noticed your scales are a lot darker, your fins are much more rugged, and you have glowing markings! Oh, you’re also not bound down to the table by those leather straps anymore. “Oh my goodness… That treatment worked! How is she so infamous!?” You’re asking yourself as you delicately swim your way around and through the treacherous nautilus shell and eventually out.

    The journey out was a lot easier than it seemed getting in, now that you glow. You now swim away from the blackness of her region and back towards your home….

Word Count: 1015

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