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Flash Fiction Month

Remember how your mother told you never to flash your fiction in public? Well, we here at Flash Fiction Month don’t adhere to such societal norms.

FFM is an annual community writing event, run during the month of July, in which participants write one piece of flash fiction between 55-1000 words every day for a month.

Each day we post prompts, and the occasional (optional) extra challenge, and though it may seem daunting at first, we guarantee you'll have a good time, meet some new people, and learn a thing or two about writing along the way.

:bulletgreen: What is Flash Fiction Month all about?

Flash Fiction Month is an annual community writing event, run in July, in which participants write one piece of flash fiction every day for a month.

:bulletgreen: What is Flash Fiction?

Flash Fiction is simply very short prose pieces, generally defined as being 1000 words or less. The word limits for Flash Fiction Month are 55 words minimum, to 1000 words maximum.

:bulletgreen: How do I join?

Simple! First, make your commitment official and let us know you're participating on the yearly Sign-Up Page. Then join the official FlashFictionMonth group so that you can share your stories with fellow participants during July! And finally, watch our founding account Flash-Fic-Month, to receive timely (separate) notifications for the daily prompts.

:bulletgreen: Still have questions?

Visit our comprehensive FAQ page and all will be revealed.

:bulletgreen: Feeling generous?

Our FFM winner's prizes are funded entirely by donations! So if you're feeling altruistic, and you have a few spare points to hand, head over to Flash-Fic-Month and donate! :flirty:

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PB quicksand 2
Not only have you made it half-way through the unrelenting gauntlet of literary heroics, you did it in iambic pentameter. Hooray for you! There is light at the end of the tunnel! Not for a while, but it is there!

Week 1 Challengers have entered the Semi-Finals here behind locked doors, and our judges are diligently judging away in time to be called upon again for this week's round up.

Please note that you are only eligible for the judging process if you have written a flash fiction story for every day so far, and completed every challenge.


Week Two Challenges

If you've written a piece for every day of this month, and completed all the challenges so far, then link us to all three of your Week 2 challenge pieces in one post in the comments below.

To remind you, they were:

The deadline for Week 2 submissions is July 17th, 2018 (wherever you are in the world), so be sure to post your challenge links quickly, lest the very earth upon which you stand opens and swallows you in its gritty maw. (Seriously. Do it fast.)

Please note that all participants are expected to help us judge the initial round of stories, so if you've linked your challenge pieces in the comments section, prepare to do some reading!

Judging assignments will be handed out within the next few days via note. Once you've received your note please make sure that you submit your scores before the indicated deadline. Failure to do so will automatically remove you from the running, so stay sharp.

After the first round of judging is over, we'll read the finalists, deliberate in time-honoured fashion, and then towards the end of the month the final winners will be declared! 

Did you think the week two challenges were too easy? :yawn: Or too hard? :faint: What elements did you enjoy and what do you hope to see from challenges in the future? This is ALSO your chance to let us know everything you felt about week two of Flash Fiction Month 2018.
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