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A Kind of Good by CouchSessions, literature

Treasure Chest by joe-wright, literature

How / You / Feel by Atheshya, literature

At the Teddy Bear Hospital by Tobaeus, literature

Bartenders Don't Have Client Confidentiality by Mademise, literature

FFM 2020: Grow by The-Inkling, literature

2020 FFM Day 23: Breath At Last by Irennia, literature

FF8: Lost in this City by NamelessShe, literature

Birds of a Feather - FFM 20, Day 1 by AncientAbsentGod, literature

A Convening of Muses by Tsuuretsu2Unabara, literature

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A question for the almighty Hydra: I have an idea for a longer story that I was thinking of writing in an episodic format - would these parts still be ok to upload as FFM entries as long as I kept each piece to 1000 words? Or should I save the idea for later and just keep it all together as one piece? 

Thank you!!

You can upload whatever you like! The only place it would possibly matter if the judging. (And, I suppose, it would be great if the stories can be read alone and not end in mid-sentence or something.) Otherwise, have at it ;)

Thank you so much for that clarification! I don't plan on doing all the challenges this month anyway so that part doesn't matter to me - but did you mean the completion judging? Like getting all 31 stories done in 31 days? I suppose if that disqualifies me then I'll just buy my own mug once it's available haha ^^; ;P

Completion isn't judged, just observed ;) No requirements for that! We are a skeleton Hydra right now, so we aren't able to do much in the way of awards this year. But honestly we're very happy you are here. Please just write. :heart:

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this is a wonderful group