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okay guys, now that I'm back posting new literature there's something I need to address: whenever i post a new article it will very likely be subject to repeated edits so that they're up-to-date. if that bothers you then I sincerely apologise.
I have always thought of my mind as a mad science lab, always experimenting with fiction like a mad scientist. so as of now, my new nickname will be Frankie, taken from the greatest and most popular mad scientist of all: Frankenstein! MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! XD  
Taken from Drpeppergirl56 
My Evil Side:
1.(x) You have made a little kid cry. (not intentionally)
2.(x) You have threatened someone and meant it seriously
3.(x) You have beat someone up. 
4.( ) You have stolen money from someone 
5.(x) People have called you a brat (in my younger years)
6.( ) You spend all of your time bossing people around
7.( ) You have wanted someone/something to die 
8.( ) You have killed someone 
9.(x) You yell a lot 
10.(x) you have punched someone (Only playfully or by accident)
11.(x) You have stolen something from the store (Only small things...)
12.( ) You push people around a lot  
13.(x) You wear a lot of black 
14.( ) You hate the light 
15.(x) You swear a lot. 
16.( ) You are always breaking the rules
17.( ) You have skipped school
18.( ) At school you are a bully
19.(x) You get mad easily 
20.( )You have tons of enemies
21.( ) You barely have any friends
22.(x) You lie a lot (sadly, i'm an impulsive liar)
23.(x) You hate school work more than anything 
24.( ) You pull tons of pranks on people
25.( ) You think it's funny when people die  
26.( ) You like making people suffer
27.( ) You love blood
28.(x)You know how to shoot a gun
29.(x) You have called someone stupid
30.(x)You like horror movies (to a certain extent)
31.(x)You like violent things (monsters, movies, videogames, the more the merrier. though, i prefer not to commit acts of violence myself nor seek it out)
32 ( )You have attempted to kill someone
33.( ) You love the sound of screaming
34.( ) You are happy when people are injured