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Weather illustro 2.0.0

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Does not work

First off, I didn't change the code, only inserted my location code.

Most of the time i don't get an icon for today.
I've looked into it and it seems, that the MeasureWeatherRSS doesn't get the needed info from wxdata.
Because in the logs I see that Index 7, where the number of the icon should be, there is nothing. Index 5 is also empty where the weather description should be, but I always get the right temperature from Index 3.
There is no problem with the other days so it seems to me the URL, the location code and the symbols are valid.

The thing is I only get this problem with my location. When I try using other locations it works perfect but when using my town or 2-3 of the towns around I get this error.

Maybe someone can explain to me what it is, that happens here would be MUCH appreciated.
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but this skin - author .... is dead?
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Hi, thanks for your great job.
One question, how can I add 2 days forecast?
Bye thank you.
IS this forum no longer moderated? I mean, the copyright IS 2017!!
I would like to have the low displayed next to high, IE; 85°/70°. How would I change that? I was finally able to find how to change the word Today to Currently and Weather to my city. Thx
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Do you know how to translate day names ?
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m for Celsius? o.O
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"Metric system" ? :)
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MagicalMirai is correct, as of 9/7/2016 this is broken 
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Thank you for the heads up Mirai 
Works great. Thank you.
@Gaunt196 try using M instead of C.

M = Metric/Celcius
S = Standard

The only reason why F works is because erything that isn't M means it has to be S.
Using M instead of C did the trick, thank you :)
TempUnit=M works
It seems to ignore it when I set it to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? (TempUnit=C)
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Like @LoveMeT00 explained, use M instead of C
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Perfect skin +fav Rage I am a dummy! Love La la la la Clap 
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