Flash Fiction Month 2010 - are you IN or are you I

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Yes, that’s right – Flash Fiction Month is almost here!

With only a few weeks to go, the FFM team are currently plotting and planning the another 31 days of flash-fiction fun for July.

Last year was a roaring success, and we're terribly proud of everyone who joined in. Let's hope for an even bigger turnout in 2010!

:-? Never heard of it? Gasp!

Flash fiction, for the purpose of this event, is simply a complete short story of between 55 and 1000 words.

The Flash Fiction Month challenge is to write one piece of flash fiction a day, for the 31 days of July, in the tradition of NaPoWriMo (poetry), NaNoWriMo (novels) and Script Frenzy (scripts, obviously).

You can find out all you need to know about this annual event  on our FAQ & Resources page, where you’ll also find lots of handy hints and tips on writing flash fiction.


Part of our task at FFM’s HQ is to provide writers with a set of optional prompts each day. Last year, these proved a great help to our participants, so this year we decided to ask YOU to help out with daily inspiration.

:bulletred: You can donate prompt ideas here.

:bulletorange: And here’s last year’s prompts, for inspiration!

We'll also be offering lots of fun weekly themes and events to help keep you motivated and spark some creative fires.

:community: FFM In Your Community

Flash Fiction Month, while first devised and run here, is not at all limited to deviantART. In fact, we’d LOVE it if you’d ask people from your off-dA community to participate!

For example, the lovely BeccaJS has asked members of her writing group back home to give it a shot, and we’re really excited to hear how that goes.

Keep an eye on the news this next week, if you think you’d like to ask people from your school, college, community writing group or creative-minded friends to participate – we’ll be releasing a “Guide to Holding Your Own FFM” article very soon!

If you have already organised a group off-dA, do please let us know about it!


:bulletred: FAQ & Resources

Read all about it!

:bulletred: 2010 Sign-Up Page


We ask people to sign up, prior to the event, so we have an idea of how many to expect. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know who your fellow writers are.

:excited: THIS IS  ALL VERY EXCITING ISN'T IT? :excited:

Roll on, July 1 – we can hardly wait!
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ivannikolayevich's avatar
I might be in. I mean, assuming I'm still alive, and still have access to a computer, and have not been rendered functionally retarded by some chemical waste leak or hit by a bulldozer and knocked into a coma.
There are entirely too many variables for any degree of certainty, so I can only proffer a definite "maybe"
Flash-Fic-Month's avatar
We have more than fifty participants already! Do help spread the word - by faving our news, nagging your pals, hanging banners from freeway bridges, etc.

Also, don't forget to click that prompt-bank link up there and make a deposit (that's *prompt* bank, VictorCarbon, so we're clear) -- prompts really do lend a hand when inspiration runs dry. Help your fellow writers, today!
VictorCarbon's avatar
*zips his pants up*

See, and I was JUST getting ready to make a deposit. Guess I'll have to start thinking with my brain, again.
Cibbwin's avatar
MafiaQueen23's avatar
I ES IN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lit-Twitter's avatar
Chirp, it's been twittered. [link] :)

And we'd be happy to tweet your daily prompts.
edzull's avatar
Calyptra's avatar
Pinkatron2000's avatar
Artemis19's avatar
Scrap what I just said ^^; (I really should make sure I'm awake before reading/commenting :XD: ) July is free.
Artemis19's avatar
I really want to, but the first half of June is exams for me! D:

I'll try. I'll certainly try :XD:
PaperDart's avatar
Fine then! You leave me no choice: I'm in. Going to sign up now.
edzull's avatar
I heard all the really cool kids were writing prompts for the prompt bank.
I heard it is like the new smoking or something.
salshep's avatar

I want this to be event of the damn year. Can we make it so, ensigns? Can we?

Also: can we really keep being this hysterically rhetorical without passing out sooner or later?

Flash-Fic-Month's avatar
LOL - silly title limit.



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